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How do I eliminate buzzing/humming sound?


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Not sure what is producing the sound but it just recently happened after having my equipment for more than 5 years. :confused:

My set-up, Technics M5G, Pioneer DJM 909, Serato SL-1, BX8A monitor speakers and Toshiba Laptop

Any help would be appreciated.


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Have you tried using a Drect Box? I use the Radial Engineering ProAV1, works great! They also make one specifically for turntables (model J33). Each model comes with a ground lift (might fix your problem if you have bad power). Or... it may also be the cables as Bonzai stated. Good luck with your problem.

DJ Karlos

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I had same problem only when i upgraded my laptop, when it was plugged in charging i would get the humming... bought a £15 Ground Loop Isolator now all i hear is clean Musique ;o)


Check the ground

Check the ground first, the second thing sounds like your RCA cables are going bad.

da mixmasta

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Guys i've been through this and i have a solution if it is your laptop. Simply remove the ground from your laptop charger and u will have no interference in audio while charging your laptop