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how many songs do you keep ?


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right so how many songs do you keep after downloading a music pack ?(any music pack)
me after downloading the music i'm sorting the music out and if i'm lucky i keep up to 5-6 tunes from lets say a +20 music pack,just curios how many tracks do others keep who use this website as a music download source


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My macbook has dual drives each 750gb, I have 500gb of music on main drive, 500gb of music (roughly) on 2nd drive, than I have (2) 1tb rugged's for videos. 1 has 100gb free, and the other has 400gb free.


I horde all music, and wind up eventually using a good amount for myself but i spin many styles so that makes a huge difference also
I keep the good tracks, not so much Dirty,when playing at a wedding I dont play things like that all clean cuts,but like having a variety of mixes to choose from,still waiting for the new Ultimix 206 to show up on here soon


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i have also a big variety(from russian music to swedish,from reggae to edm) but if its not my genre(hip-hop/dancehall) i keep only the mainstream things

I keep the good tracks, not so much Dirty,when playing at a wedding I dont play things like that all clean cuts,but like having a variety of mixes to choose from,still waiting for the new Ultimix 206 to show up on here soon

da blur

<Certified self-proclaimed music hoarder here too...
Never know what people want to hear...
basically, downloading music gets my d--k hard.
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I used to (and sometimes still do) rename the titles AND the properties tag for every single music file. Talk about time consuming. lol :eek:


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i feel you there ,music downloading its the most addictive "drug" ever ,unfortunately i didn't catch the golden age of crate digging i was born in the wrong place :confused:

the one with the 12 months folders had it too and at the end of the year i use to deleted all the folders and make one folder with that year,now i keep just one folder with the year 2014 and a folder with the current month and so with every month

about the peoples shitty request i could write a book :D ,i got a bit over 22k songs in my serato i cover pretty much every genre ,i dont know about other djs but if i dont have what they request i write it down on my phone and i check it when i get home cuz you can never know...you can never know like this request few weeks back Aceyalone - Leanin On Slick,there is just not enough time available in this life to cover everything

as for renaming the files that's it was a pain in the ass but not anymore :cool: i'm using TriTag (http://download.cnet.com/TriTag/3000-2141_4-51195.html) easy to use you can do multiple files at once from id tag to filename and vice versa and the_most_annoying_ones_you_can_fix_them_with_one_click its a really helpful and i use automator(mac users) also if i want to rename multiple files that got the websites added to in their filenames or something else

<Certified self-proclaimed music hoarder here too... I used to listen to it after I download it, sort it out, separate Clean from Dirty..and even rename a lot proper and all that stuff on some OCD shit, once upon a time. Uh but now it's just too much to even listen to it all.. in way over my head...on the ridiculous side just always trying to keep up with the new stuff..I download music like a madman and I still have Bookmarks of an insane amount of music that I "missed"... You can never keep up. If the internet went down today forever, I'm straight. in fact I wish it would so it could give me a reason to actually go through it all and delete some! It's harder to sort through it all and keep the backups updated too, so I just store it all..hard drives are pretty cheap now a days

I used to have 12 folders for each month of the year and go through them end of each month and pick out the best songs and put them in a "+Club" folder...now I kinda just started to just make a folder by year like "2014 MUSIC" then make a big Club folder because I don't download so much at all...I'm more picky too... then take all the Club songs and put them on separate harddrive for DJing ONLY

I used to download a bunch of the underground rnb demos that leak and stuff in "packs" like from rnb4u too.. they are not really for DJing and have a ton of DJ Drops and low quality so you gotta screen them fully if you want to DJ with them but cant bring myself to delete them because i can hear the potential in a lot of them lol IDK why..inspires me the song writer in me.. sometimes you gotta dig through 100 songs to find few amazing ones.. And boy are there some gems.. and sometimes it might be a wack song but have a good intro or a sound you could sample from too.... If I download a DJ service type selike from a more official service like XMiX or something... I usually won't delete any songs from them, because it's kind of like an Album and like to collect those..unless like it's a super horrible song I hate or foreign language song I don't like

I'm more of a producer and music lover than DJ..But you're right I would say usually about 2 out of 10 songs are really club worthy from the DJ packs if you're lucky..maybe some other Decent ones but not super hot club hits....but you never know what some people might request though so it could help to just keep more than what *you* like too and 'stock ammo' if you want to fulfill their request and impress some people (especially a private party) but then again... a lot of people request shitty songs--that's why YOURE THE DJ and not them right?

Every once in a while I go listen to some music from several years ago and just go on a deleting spree... and I find that my music taste has changed (matured) and songs I thought were decent 5 years ago are pretty horrible now..Getting older, I stopped downloading so much and I usually just get official group rip releases of albums, old throwback promo CD Singles..way more quality over quantity...listening to more of the oldschool + per-approved, test of time classics, and even starting to dig back before I was born and started to love some oldies I never even heard of before my time..

It's kind of like that life quote, you work your whole life away for money and never get to enjoy life... I spend so much time downloading and collecting so much, I don't even have time to listen to it all let alone practice to DJ with it...definitely don't rename files anymore... messes up backup dupes too... It's just a high of some sort downloading.. I am literally addicted... consumes my life. Oh well at least I am never bored.. I'm still am a sucker trying to keep up with the RNB leaks tho so every other month I might just go get the "Hottest of the Month" packs..and the end of the year "Best of the year".. before the links expire to get my fix but then I don't even listen to them.. :\

I feel like I'm going to start going through it a lot more and deleting a ton more than ever because honestly more than half of my music is not really worth keeping...sorry so long but I don't just download DJ packs...

bottom line: Yes I keep all music but wish I had more time to go through it and delete more. Never know what people want to hear...basically, downloading music gets my d--k hard.

da blur

I used to use TheGodFather mp3 tagger (version 0.69) I would recommend backing some music in a folder just to test it out before you go try to really use it because you could easily mess up all your tags permanently real quick cause its real powerful...don't really like the newer versions personally but still works

also good small mass batch file renamed program I found called called Rename ..or File Name
http://www.webxpace.com/software/freeware.shtml#FileRenamer good for files that have no tag info at all..
the older version was a little glitchy but I used it so much I figured out how to make it work good for me..

havn't used those programs in a while because like I said I get proper releases and not so concerned about file names as long as it has artist and title now a days
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