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How Much Is Your Setup Woth?

How much is your setup worth?

  • $1000-5000

    Votes: 52 50.5%
  • 5000-10000

    Votes: 24 23.3%
  • 10000-15000

    Votes: 11 10.7%
  • 15000-20000

    Votes: 6 5.8%
  • 20000-25000

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 25000-30000, if yours is woth more than this then DANG!

    Votes: 10 9.7%

  • Total voters

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ
Now be honest. just wanted to know if we had any heavy rollers with massive equipment up in here. or to see the average cost of a dj setup.

personally me and my brothers equipment is worth $25,000-$28,000, but we've been around for 8 years already :)

DJ Richy

New member
well putting all of my things together, I believe my setup is over $4,000. I never really add the amount up. It's probably more but just over looked so things.

DJ CraziAce

AKA The Crunk Speciali$t
We've got over 50gs invested... 4schoolsonly.com click on Galleries, then check out March 31's link to see some seriously crunk setups.

DJ CraziAce

AKA The Crunk Speciali$t
20 screens.. thousands of watts pumpin 18's all over the place. LED lighting, lasers.. you name it, we do it ;)

Dj Master Mind

Invasion Production
i got bout at least 20gs....
2 technics mk2
2 vestax mixers
2 technics cd players
1 technics mixer
2 pioneers mk2
djm 500
4 Peavey 2000
1 Peavey 2600
Rane Crossover
2 Behringer Console Mixer
4 Cerwin veg. earthquakes
2 peavey sp-7
4 peavey sp-4
ligths and scanners
2 dell projectors
2 toshiba latops
1 mac book pro
2 mackies 450
2 mackie subs..
cables and more small shit like that....
i think thas it....
all the money i get at gigs i invest it at buyin more equipment......

Dj LiL

"The Vynil Kingz"
Damnnn!! sum Serious money Goin on in here..Well my equipment Totals Up to about 20g's


DJ Emir
DJ and Studio Equipment set up

If you wanna count LPs then this is just astronomical If you count computer with it's Cubase etc... software then were high ballin for sure

(4)Technics Turntables apx $2000
Rane TTM56 Mixer $ 800
Pioneer DJM909 Mixer $1000
Pioneer CDJ800 $ 600Laptop $1200
(2) KRK V8 Studio Monitors $800
Serato Scratch Hardware $500
Shark 11 CD Tower $1100(6)
Community Speakers $4000
Peavey Amp Cx1000 $1000
QSC Amp 1400 $600
Makie 1400 amp $250 (got it used) but worth more
Korg Triton weighted keys $2000
Turntable cases $300
Custom Turntable case with inlaid wood $2000
and a few other things

Record collection is definitly above $20,000
who shall I pass that on to when I'm 90 years old? LOL

The real problem is I've spent much more replacing things too... gone through over 8 different mixers two sets of turntables and tons of cross faders, Turntable needles and Needle cartridges etc

DJ CraziAce

AKA The Crunk Speciali$t
If you've been using RANE, I think you're either:

a) Full of shit

b) Abusive.

Rane mixers don't just "break." Even if they do, they're hand-built with several daughterboards so you don't have to buy a new one, just snap on the replacement part.

The D.O.C

DJ CraziAce said:
Rane mixers don't just "break." Even if they do, they're hand-built with several daughterboards so you don't have to buy a new one, just snap on the replacement part.

actually not true !

i had to send My TTM57sl back after 15mins of Use when i first bought it cos the PCM fried, had to airmail it all the way back to the U.S because Senhiesser were not authorised distributors here in the U.K till a month after my mixer fried, cost me well over $200 extra cost i imported it from an american dealer

but i got some free stickers and a t-shirt, $200 bucks well spent eh????


DJ Godfather
2 Technics 1210s - $1,000
2 Denon 3500s tabletop C.D. Players w/cases - $1,200.00
1 Pioneer DJM-500 about - $700.00
1 Berhinger 2 channel mixer about - $100.00
1 Berhinger 4 channel mixer about - $150.00
1 American Audio 2 channel mixer - $120.00
2 Pioneer DVJ-X1s!!!!!! lol - $6,000.00
1 Numark Video DJ Mixer - $700.00
2 Mackie Mains (450s) 2 Mackie Subs (15") (all powered) - $11,000.00
2 Sony MDR-V700 Headphones - $120.00 each
2 2-way Mackie Active Studio Monitors - $700.00
2 Custom Cases for Pioneer DJV-X1s - $200.00 each
1 Dell Laptop (custom built) - $1,000.00
Lighting......too many to name!! lol but about 2-3 thousand in DJ lighting/high power lasers. :D

i'd like to get a Rane mixer, 2 more Technics 1210 turntables and two more DJ tabletop c.d. players (maybe Pioneer 1000s). :) hmmmm so yea well over $20,000.00
and das not including all my cables....o and my 3 keyboards (Roland,Alesis and Korg)!!! lol
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windy city 1

this is the most rescent set-up:

Pioneer SE-DJ5000 DJ Headphones - $99.00

2- Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones -$400.00

PreSonus HP4 Headphone Amp - $99.00

AKG Perception 200 Condenser Microphone - $160.00

sound proof booth - $1200.00

Digidesign Digi 003 Factory Pro Tools LE Workstation - $2200.00

TASCAM FW1884 FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface and DAW Controler - $1300.00

Akai MPC1000 - $1000.00

Roland Fantom-XR Sound Module - $1400.00

Yamaha MOTIF ES7 76-Key Synthesizer + 6 expansion boards - $2800.00

Numark iCDX - $700.00
Numark TT200 - $200.00

Virtual DJ pro w/timecode + Numark Virtual Vinyl interface - $500.00

Eclerc Nuo4 mixer - $1000.00

2 custom built pc's - $3000.00

MacBook Pro - $2500.00

and whatever else i forgot to mention !

about $20,000 +.....


^^^I've been djaying for over 17 years now and when i first started out back then u can imagine how getting use to equipment and just starting out with radioshack amps brotha.If u never blew out an amp before u must not be pounding bra the best of us blow amps like a hooker!But if you got a regular system and aint pumping vegas and communitys which take alotta power u must not be slumpin.Other than that your a genious if u never blew out an amp and i tip my hat 2 you........From Crowns to Pioneers to early Tandy Cheap shit bra~It's all a learning experience and i haven't blown one in years.But best believe my friend the OG had plenty!!!! Them all nighters beleedat!(HEATED) Overkill Calistyle!
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