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How Much Is Your Setup Woth?

How much is your setup worth?

  • $1000-5000

    Votes: 52 50.5%
  • 5000-10000

    Votes: 24 23.3%
  • 10000-15000

    Votes: 11 10.7%
  • 15000-20000

    Votes: 6 5.8%
  • 20000-25000

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 25000-30000, if yours is woth more than this then DANG!

    Votes: 10 9.7%

  • Total voters

windy city 1

So much equipment it's crazy,imagine if we counted our blown amps $$$$$
damn the blown amps $$$$$$ look at the $$$$$ lost on trading / upgrading ur set-up!

u get 1 piece of equipment and 6 months later some new shyt comes out, then u end up sellin that back to guitar center for way less than u paid 4 it, and still come out of pocket to purchase the new gear! plus always wanting new synths,effects,hardware,etc....

ive found my self in that situation many times! any 1 else?


L.A. needs me!
As far as blown amps go...I donno, I've only had my equipment for a month, and I'm usin a QSC that has the lights that show if the speakers are hittin the peak...so if it ever gets there, I turn it down a bit. So I'm hopin it won't blow out...shit it was the most expensive piece and if it did blow out, I wouldn't be able to buy another one for at least two months!

My question would be....what would you need to have 25, 30 Gs worth of equipment for? I would assume that means you're doin major events in places with no sound systems...because I'd imagine that most clubs, churches, and all that would already have good systems. I can see somebody spendin that much on somethin good enough for a club or whatever...but how can you transport that much?? Even in my dad's Sequoia, I don't think I'd be able to fit more than six or eight JRX 125s and a good sub in there, and that would be murder on my back tryin to get them all out.

I am sure there is a good explanation for it, I just wouldn't know at this point.

D.J. Flake

New member
Equipment, music, and trucks. I would guess about $180,000.00. This includes our club setup and our event setup


New member
i don"t blow amps or money but i got a pretty good setups i think at a good deal... dj rebel you got a nice set up thur.... 180,000 Im making millions than


dJ Fierce!
last year we spent just over 250,000 in a new jbl line array system with a wall of the new crown i-tech series amps. we also have...
2 - dvj-1000s
1 - djm-800
2 - djm-600s
4 - technic 1200s
plus A LOT more... no time to list it though.

just felt like flexin some muscles.


New member
2 cdj100mk3's ($2500), djm800 ($1500), computer gear ($1000), serato ($500), headphones ($150), mackie srm450's (1200), flight cases ($300), music ($1000) even though most is free.

I guess I own over 8000 in gear...

Wish list:
1 mackie sub ($1200)
efx1000 ($700)
Black MacBook ($1200)
A studio with keys midis mixers monitors computer software etc ($?????)



and thanx for this jackin list... When I come to WA, and TX you fools better not get caught slippin.

DJ CraziAce

AKA The Crunk Speciali$t
"2 Mackie Mains (450s) 2 Mackie Subs (15") (all powered) - $11,000.00"

Red, you got jacked.. at average the 450s are 1400 for a pair and each sub is around 1000.


DJ Godfather
DJ CraziAce said:
"2 Mackie Mains (450s) 2 Mackie Subs (15") (all powered) - $11,000.00"

Red, you got jacked.. at average the 450s are 1400 for a pair and each sub is around 1000.

ur rite....i forgot that was the price for the speakers AND the Pioneer DVJ-X1 Players. lol. was actually 12,000 for everthing. had to get speaker cabels too AND custom cases for the pioneer players......well i can add another 1,100.00 to my set-up cause i just got the Rane TTM 57 Mixer!!! haha. :eek:


New member
damn!! u bg spenders.....

im still rollin wit my 3year old technics 1200s,pioneer dxm09,hp laptop wit serato an vdj..my 15inch jbls...thats it...an thats all i need..ye yah!!! lol!!


DJ Godfather
i might buy a whole new mackie sound system in a couple months or so. the 450 v2s are good. and i'll just get the 15" subs. i wanna get 4 tops and maybe 4 subs. :) i had a mackie sound system but sold it and wanna get a new one.

should be about 8Gs or more....pocket change i guess. :rolleyes:


All that equipment and u all are sitting there with a dual cd player..? WTF?

and Rane mixers garbage, The Rane 57 mixer is a club standard now along with the pioneer and i have known ranes to be the mixer that can just take ware and tear.

DJ CraziAce said:
We've got over 50gs invested... 4schoolsonly.com click on Galleries, then check out March 31's link to see some seriously crunk setups.


DJ Godfather
so my NEW mackie actives are on the way right now. got a pair of the 450 V2s. but i didn't get the mackie subs. instead i'ma be tryin the NEW QSC subs. i also ordered those new Technics with 16% pitch control. also getting all new cables, light stand, speaker stands cases, needles. might get more LED lighting too. so yea. das all for now. lookin at the MPC 5000 and Korg M3. :)

Dj Dolo

Now Known As DJ Do $tackz
Got bout 6 G's in it...

MiamiHustler said:
All that equipment and u all are sitting there with a dual cd player..? WTF?
Thats what I was thinkin from jump. hahahahahahahah (evil laugh);) :D :cool:

DJ CraziAce

AKA The Crunk Speciali$t
We do a lot of mobile events, so CD players are a must. You'll also see Serato and a DAC3.

No hatin' until your company grosses millie's, dig?