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How to get my beats to HIT/KNOCK harder (Compression Settings, Effects, etc.)


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Hi Guys,

I'm Nick Kearns, an up and coming producer from Massachusetts. I've really been getting serious about my craft, and I'm looking to make my beats as professional as possible. Out of all of the feedback I've recieved, the most reoccuring is the fact that my drums don't hit hard enough. I'm just wondering if anyone hear can recommend me some effects, compression settings, or anything else to help me really get the drums to POP. One thing especially is to get the kick to "shine" and sound full. I know that alot of this is probably well guarded information within the production community, but any help you guys can offer is great. My page is www.pmpworldwide.com/Nick-Kearns , and I'm always welcome to constructive criticism. Thanks everyone!

Nick Kearns


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my default kick or snare compressor settings:

threshold -12.5
ratio 7.5 :1
gain 8
attack 10ms
release 100 ms

keep in mind... these are what I use and you make want to tweak your compressor settings differently...


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^^^thanks for the help man! I'll definitely give that a shot as a starting point if nothing else. Any chance you want to check out my page? Any other feedback appreciated!


a lot of times also the problem is the key people are starting with. Lets say for instance if you are using that default kick in fl studio.......it may not be what you need and you may want to go download a drum kit or 2. From there you could use the compress settings given above and work it out. Sorry if its late but better late than never right?


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It all depends on the kick too. My opinion.

I like my kick compressor to look like this.

Attack= 41.0ms
Release= 48.0ms
Ratio= 4.6:1
Knee = 1.0
Compressor Threshold= -12.5db
Gain= 4.0db
Limiter= 0.0db

If you want to snap or pop make the attack slow and the release quick.

I always keep my release at like 7.1ms or something and bring the attack back until it's starts to shnap on that bitch.

To each it's own.

Dj Mafioso

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1) You will need good drum kit samples
2) I recommend you download a Eq Analyzer Vst/Plugin So you can see what your samples are hitting at in your eq and adjust accordingly. You might want to download a frequency chart to help you out as well.
3) Another technique you should try is layering your drums EX: Depending on the sound you want Get 2 good quality Kicks One Sub Kick One Punch Kick Make sure they sound good together and eq accordingly. Same goes with your Snare/Clap Etc...
4) If your Only Using your Mac/Pc to mix & Master make sure your using a Good Bundle Ex: The Waves Bundle Etccc

5) Watch some tutorials online you might learn something new

Hope this helps


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like everyones stating... gotta mess round with the compression
took me a minute to figure it out...once i did i save the shid out of my settings lol