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How To Midi Controller-Motif Rack-Digi 003 (How 2get Sound from Motif 2 come out 003)


El International...
First Off, I tried following this guys tutorial and this is what got me to set motif as midi out in fruity Loops
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nnz_5KI3kag

Ok So I have this Motif Es RACK, I want to be able to use it within Fruity Loops. The Furthest I have gone with this process is making the motif a Midi out in Fruity Loops, but the only way I could Listen to the sounds from the motif is if I have headphones plugged into the rack.

Next step was me making the digi 003 the main sound card within Fruity, I succedded in this, but i only had the drums playing through my speakers... Not the midi out (this was still only being played in the headphones, even with the headphones un-plugged I got nothing from the speakers!)

How Can I get this to work how I want it to work?

Midi Controller - Control Motif Sounds / Sounds from Motif to come out through my speakers?

Here is a quick example of what I got:
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