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I'm new to 'beat matching' and have a question.


Don't hate me, lol..

I'm going to start remixing songs now (I've never done it before). My first track in mind is Nelly's 'Just A Dream.' I used MixMeister to determine the acapella's BPM, and it said 96.06, and I'm hoping it is accurate. Anyway, I want to make a dance remix to it. I'm lookin' for a 120-126 BPM range for this remix. What would I have to do to the acapella to have it in sync with the faster tempo of the beat? Like how would I match the beats?

Again, don't hate..

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i used to do it the real easy way when i wanted do top remixes on the fly when djing, sped it up and pitched it....aint really tried it on my daw...i'd be interested in hearing the methods too

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uh oh next youre gonna wanna start DJing....we started out the same: producing making beats, making remixes---> next thing is to DJ

Yeah MM is really accurate for determining the BPM but don't scan the actualla- you gotta use real song with the beat to get it before you do the mix. and usually if its a southern style beat it might say its double the speed it actually is so if you know its kinda "slow" and shows 160bpm then its really 80

usually for making remixes you would make the song Double the speed or close to it, or sometimes half of double.. so if its like 80 you might speed it up to 160.. or maybe 140 ..depends on the song and if it sounds good.

speeding the pella up sounds way better than trying to speed up the instrumental..when you stretch a beat out you can really hear it unless youre just stretching it out like 1-5bpm

you can use MM to help you mix since youre just beginning too but theres a smaller free program made by same people made for just getting BPM called MixMeister BPM Analyzer

another way i figured out how to speed up an acapella is, after i installed Sony Vegas (A video editor)[well some people use it to edit audio too actually] it gave me some plugins in Cool Edit called Sony Time Stretch or something and you enter the current BPM and then what you want it to be and hit ok. (somtimes its a little glitchy [at least for me] and doesnt actually make it that BPM--so i change the drop menu for MODE: and change the setting, then put it back and makes it work every time ((my autotune plugin glitches and i have to do that too wtf but hey it works)) ..then click OK and it works really good! then you just have to mix it to the desired instrumental.
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Nice, I'll try that Vegas trick. Thanks! And no DJ'ing for me, haha. I'm just trying to get exposure, and how can you be exposed if nobody knows who you are? I want to remix some mainstream songs and become 'Youtube famous' lol :D

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Oh..yeah good luck until Youtube pulls your videos down for (c) infringement, but somtimes they will just notify you and put an Amazon link to the real song in the bottom of your video