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Kid 'n Play Member Involved In Accident, Driver Shot By Police


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Play, of the seminal rap group Kid 'n Play was hospitalized in Durham, NC after his car was hit by a man attempting to evade arrest.

Chris "Play" Martin's SUV was struck by a man who was fleeing a crime scene, according to The News & Observer. The driver, Raul Riva Aldamo, 34, of Greensboro, NC, was shot by police while trying to escape and pronounced dead at the scene.

Others involved in the crash, Luis Cazanova, 26, Alonzo Castillo, 39, were charged with breaking into a house and holding three people at bay.

The incident took place on Saturday (Dec. 28) and Play was released from the hospital by Wednesday. It is not yet known what injuries, if any, the rapper sustained.

As part of Kid 'n Play, Martin scored many hits in the '80s, as well memorable big screen moments starring in the ageless hip-hop romantic comedy House Party. Kid 'n Play were also the first hip-hop figures to have a national cartoon modeled after them. Now Martin teaches a hip-hop course at NC Central University.