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Latin Remixes Section?

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ
Hey whats up fam...well i was just trying to petition to have a "latin remixes" area added to the site.

i know that TjsDjs is for Rap,hip hop,reggae, r&b,reggaeton, mp3 n serato djs..but i think that adding this section would help some djs out. it never hurts to have a couple of hot latin remixes in the crate just in case you run into some people at a party who request so latin music (you guys know it happens)

This can just be another sub section under "Dj Remixes"

The reason why i ask for a section like this on tjs is because i know that the feedback will be good. not like all the other websites where people just say thanks or hit the "thanks" button and jam off. tjs is probably the best feedback forum on the web.

We do have a Sticky in the reggaeton section for remixes but that thread has tons of post and people just don't bother to go in there and search. it would be great to have a section where individual threads can be created instead of having to look through a sticky n see if your post got any feedback

This new section would probably take a while to get "popping" but once people start posting and some buzz is created i know it can have some steady activity

Thanks for your time,
Dj Rebel


yeap...that shit is a good idea. i think tjs djs has waaayyyy too many niggas who arent even djs and all they do is take music and talk shit. sections that are for actual djs who DO PARTIES would help


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sounds good... im trying to get a "Remix Service" section going... but i know TJs a bit busy atm.