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music trader......

dj blazinhell

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i'm requesting to have the link to the trader, becuase i have alot of albums to trade and share with people, past and new ones.....so maybe someone can pm me..... or tj get at me, i want to share what i have with everyone.


i think you have to get 100+ posts, be very active, and contribute, as you see im getting there 1 post at a time

R. Pizano

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yea man, as long as u contributing, and leavin feedback or puttin stuff up - you will get in music trader in no time. U almost there - keep up the contribution!


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Do I need to have more than 100 posts to upload stuff?
no.. (clik the paper clip (on new topic or go advanced) and a new window wil open. then browse >select fiel>upload>insert into mesage)

Eddie Tee

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hey how many post do i need 2 b in music trader ??? i thought it wus 100 but mayb im wrong !!! help me out !! if its 100 i cant find it !!!


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I remember when I was dying to get to 100 posts so I can get Music Trader status

Real talk tho, if you stay active in the forum, then Music Trader is just one of the benefits

you also get the rep and respect