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My JBL JRX125 Hi's are not working...


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My JBL JRX115 Hi's are not working...

I have had two JBL JRXs since October, one is a 125 (2000 watts max), and one is a 115 (1000 watts max). I use them with a QSC amp that pushes 1800 watts. I never had any problems with either of them until today, which was the first time I let someone else use them without me being there.

My homeboy was using them for an event, and when I got there, he told me the hi's weren't working on my 115, which is the only speaker he was using. He said the amp was not up too high, but I really don't know, because the last time he used the amp and speaker, I kept checking the amp because the red light was flashing, and they weren't even noticing it because it was under the table. I have a strong feeling that this is what happened today, but I can't be for sure. Our other boy who DJ's came up and brought his speaker and amp, and I guess he said that the speaker would have still stopped playing the hi's.

So my main question is, what is probably wrong with it, and what do you think the estimation of price is? Second question, do you think this could have happened because the amp was going too high on it? I just think it's weird that the first time I let someone else use it without me being there, the hi's completely stopped working.
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I dont know much about speakers but the high frequency driver used on the 125 is
JBL 2412
on ebay they are pretty cheap. max $25

I have 2 of the jrx115s but havent purchased an amp yet, what amp are you using and how have you liked it?


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Drivers are not that expensive or hard to replace...you can pretty much use any replacement that you like as long as the power rating matches or gets close to the one you take out

I never had any luck with JBL speakers...they always seem to blow no matter how I replace them

But it is a good idea to check your levels on your amp while you play...I know a lotta dj's who always let their amps run into the red and it ain't good plus it sounds like shyt

I know that's ya mans and all that but he won't tell you if he thinks he blew the speaker anyway lol

sorry bro, hope you get it fixed soon


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Slayed, Thanks a lot...I think that piece right there is the same one that the dude at the shop told me would be like $100-$150. I have a 125 and a 115, and I use a QSC amp pushin 1800 watts to it...it sounds very good to me, especially for smaller venues. I never had any problems with it at all, because I never let the volume get into the red on the amp. It fills up the grand ballroom at my school, and when it's nobody in there, it sounds great...but with everybody talkin, and 300 people in there, it doesn't sound AS good, but it still works. It sounds good outside as well, and I usually never need it to be at the highest volume.

Mistayung....It seems like these speakers would be good forever as long as I check the levels. The more I think about it, the more I'm almost positive that my homeboy let it go in the red and didn't check the levels...especially because he had the amp on the ground under the table when he was using it. I know that we did a few events together, and he'd turn the volume up and say "the voices are startin to get too loud, we need to have it louder" and I'd be like "naaahh...look at the amp, that shit's in the red!" and I'd keep turnin it down or checkin, but he wouldn't pay it any attention...and that happened twice. You're definitely right, LOL, he wouldn't admit it if he was the one to blow em out.


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Ahh.....same thing happened again, but to both of my 115s. I wasn't watchin it as much as I should have since I wasn't DJ'n, and the promoter turned the mic volume up too high and just blew em right out. I'm happy to find this thread again.


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i HAVE BLOWN 3 JRX 115S; WITH a qsc gx5 amp; which puts out 500watts rms @ 8ohms
on 2 the crossover blew on the other the highs blew;

what probubly blew out was the crossover b/c mine was from pure overpowering other was the mic shit; a limiter will help you out; but honestly i've been getting rid of jrx line; they actually are cheap speakers; sound good; just fragile to me


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Fuck....it happened again, same homeboy DJ'n as the last time it happened 3 months ago! I need to show him how to read the levels and all else...but shit, he's been DJ'n since 86, he should know!!!

da blur

Get a new homeboy

/make him get you new ones

shoulda listened to me 1st time
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