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Need some input...


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Im a house DJ at a local bar in a small town, and they asked me to tally some things up for them to buy to make the bar more appealing. Needless to say, they have only a few things... 2 strobes, 3 police beacons and a american DJ "beamer". all of them run on a wall plug in and must be turned on and off manually by a switchboard.

I dont know if they care to upgrade to a full DMX setup, and if they did, I dont know how much they could afford. Heres my questions:

What are the two style of lights.. DMX and ______ (wall plug in style)


is there any packages with scanners and things that are NOT Dmx?

sorry guys... The newb strikes again with stupid questions. :(


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Suggest DMX... and plugging everything into 1 circuit plug will lead to tripping the breaker.

Have at least 3 dedicated circuits for lighting.

Sounds like they can't afford Martins but i own 4 Martin SCX-600 scanners and they are amazing.

Tell them to buy American DJ Crap.

Btw. Lights nowadays have the option of operating on DMX Mode, Active Mode, and Sound Mode.