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New Dance Vacapella!! Nico Collu 30. Good Music [Vacapella]*[BPM: 128]


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Dear Forum Members!!

I, Nico Collu have just uploaded a new Vacapella called:
"30. Good Music [Vacapella]" by Nico Collu!

- Listen to the Vacapella here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otuxamEwPeY
- Download Vacapella for FREE here: http://www.nicocollu.com/project-vacapella

(I would also love to know if you create something with any of my Vacapella, so please contact me/write me an email if you do! - Make sure to credit my name in your track title!)

To learn more about Project Vacapella, go here:

Thank you!!