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Noelle - All About Me (HOT)!!


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http://www.myspace.com/noelle (first song on playlist)

I don't know if yall noticed but our beutiful Noelle was promoting her single "All About Me" here .. in the post your pics section here: http://www.tjsdjs.com/forums/showthread.php?p=111455#post111455

So I figured I post it in a more appropriate section. Question 4 u Noelle..is this featuring DJ Kool or is that just samples in the background.
This has a hot beat surrounded by a catchy soulful rythm.
WHat yall think?


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All About Me is going to be blazin hot! The track is fiya and I'm interested in spinning it as soon as it's available. I'll be looking for the wax too!


dj tre-love

yeah man the girls will love this. i hope it gets good promotion so it can catch on, that dj kool sample is different.


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it's a really hot track.

but "you don't know me" is much better ...
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