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Numark Icdx Cd,mp3,dvd Ipod Player

dj tre-love


With its extensive USB mass storage connectivity, the iCDX can be used as a vehicle to manipulate and store MP3 fi les—facilitating rapid access to a massive music library. To further its USB connectivity, the iCDX comes complete with an adaptable docking station for iPod. When used with personal computers and software, the iCDX can interface with a wide variety of popular DJ software packages. Complete with an illuminated CD/DVD drive for playing multiple disc formats and support for MP3, including ID tags, hot starts, seamless looping, and scratching, the compact iCDX offers DJs a higher level of control for playing music. This performance-oriented media player includes DSP effects, a touch sensitive scratch wheel, automatic BPM counter, a digital output, and a large LCD screen. Associated with the iCDX’s pitch function is Key Lock—with a range of ± 100%. For working with tempo, the iCDX give DJs all the control they could possibly want. This powerful player provides an automatic BPM counter, and a manual tap function. Further, the feature-packed iCDX includes a generous assortment of integrated, great DSP effects, including Phaser, Filter, Flanger, Echo, Chop, and Pan.

USB port for connecting mass storage class iPods, hard drives and memory sticks
USB port for interfacing with HID compatible software
Illuminated slot-load drive with support for CD/CD-RW/DATA DVD
Touch-sensitive scratch wheel
Large, backlit LCD display for system information including MP3 ID tag information
Integrated DSP effects include Phaser, Filter, Flanger, Echo and more
Key Lock (± 100%)
Large pitch slider for controlling music playback speed
Automatic BPM counter
Hot starts, seamless looping, scratching with sampling, Full support for MP3 playback
Digital outputs