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DJ Rakesh
I started working for a reputable printing company with cheap rates which does:

Business Cards
Post Cards/Flyers
CD Duplication
CD Inserts
DVD Duplication
DVD Slip Covers
CD Traycards
4-Panel CD Inserts
Record Flats
Catalog Sheets
Presentation Folders
Vinyl Banners

For price quotes, PM me, email me at DJRakesh973@yahoo.com or instant message me on aim at RakeshPatel113.


DJ Rakesh
I'm doing a 150 CD special right now.

You get 150 CDs with thermal printing in a slim jewel case along with 150 two sided color inserts for 175 dollars. Unit Price is a little less then $1.16. You pay shipping.


DJ Rakesh
500 CDs with a slim jewel case and thermal printing cost $300.
500 inserts will cost $150.
Unit Price: $0.90 a CD

PM me or instant message me, I might be able to lower it but no guarentees.