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Protools 8 question ***NEED HELP***

DJ Master O

My friend just got protools 8 and they have a problem with recording.

1. How do you turn the input echo off? He has an Mbox and if he turn the mixer knob all the way to the left while recording like it says in the instructions he cant hear his own delayed echo and he the beat either, if he turn the mixer knob to the right he can hear his own delayed echo that fuks him up while recording, he says. How do you fix that??

2. His microphone constantly has a horrible feedbak, usully u cant hear it ova the beat but u can if he turn the gain up to record a low vocal or sumtn, i thnk itz picking up the sound the computer makes thru the connection or sumtn,

If anybody is familiar with this version of protools or this problem please let me know how to fix the problem.

Thanks in advance


Tu Socio
set playback engine to 128 and make sure any delay effects are ran through a bus with aux inserts instead of being directly inserted to the specific track.

once you do that, you should be able to set the mix all the way to the right and instead of hearing the raw feed, you can hear yourself ontime but with the wanted effect.

Pitch Shift and Dynamics ie Compression and EQ you can run directly as an insert, but for delay effects and reverb , always create an auxilary track.

That should be good enough to get you going through the session without problems unless you start adding too much plugins.


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Feedback is caused by the source signal (this case his voice) going into the microphone, to the MBOX, back out the MBOX to the speakers and being picked up by the microphone. This is called a feedback loop.

You can also get feedback if your gain is too high for the environment the mic is in.