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Question To Producers! Topic: Auto Tune


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There is a small tutorial on how to apply settings on Auto Tunes so it can be used as a vocoder. ( Baby Ranks Effects the one that with out it he'll sound like Sh#t).
If someone has it can you reply to this post on where i can get it! or email me at kelvin_031@msn.com. I had it NOZTRA (he uses it alot on his chorus) passed it on to us but i lost it when i restarted my P.C.


P.S. Willing to trade anything u need I might have almost everything!


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meant the tutorial -- Not the one on how to use Auto Tunes. One that was made for Reggaeton productions is a picture of auto tune with writting on the side telling u the settings!


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Funny you say help lol, I don't know how to install it into Fruity Loops. I've already run the .exe and registered it...it doesn't show up in FL though. Help me again please ;).


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not sure but i heard a number of people say they had this tutorial but i haven't seen it yet. i'm looking forward to using it though

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Yo, I just got Auto-Tune 4 plugin and i found this really good tutorial type info on it..
^^^READ ALL THAT!!!^^^

i was just messing around with it with some a capellas ..testing it out and whatnot and it works surprising great - The best THING i have TRIED yet!
it really gets that T-Pain sound out
idk give it a try and play around with it.. i just found this out myself
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