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Question To Producers! Topic: Auto Tune


8 LeVeLs AbOvE u BiTcH!!!
I never ask 4 a re-up, but if someone can re-up dis plug in... plz....I know dat is a new version already...but I was lookin 4 dat since a long time but I can't find it...if some1 can re-up dis...Major Propz 4 him....:rolleyes: :cool: peace

da blur

i was thinkin about makin a tutorial or somthin
but here's some good settings that works with my voice personally
so might not be as good for you..

i can literally sing as bad as possible on those and it still sounds cool
here's some other good ones to try

and a couple more but theyre not as good
i dont know shit about the keys and scales so i just guess and experimented until it sounded good..
so if youre actually good with music theory and what not you can probably set it up to match really good

lol i dont know why i didnt post these earlier but since autottune is kinda played the hell out already might as well share
in the program i use them in i can actually save the registry file so that i could load these presets i have back anytime
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Tu Socio
Moving to Producers/BeatProduction section with redirect..Nice shit btw. Do you have any for the latest version?