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Random tracks to scratch


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This is probably a basic question to turntablist or anybody who has been scratching for a minute. I was at an underground Hip Hop spot, and the DJ was scratching over every song with some random kind of sound effect that didn't really sound like anything when it just played regularly, but it sounded dope as hell when he scratched it. I can't even explain the sound...it wasn't an instrument, and just sounded like a constant noise that didn't really change, like a loud wind or something.

What kind of vinyls or tracks are these? Are there any artists or DJs who make them, and how could I find them?


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there are thousands of so-called "break records" out there, which cater to battle djs. they have all kinds of sounds on em, such as claps, instrument noises, sirens, long-winded signal tones, spoken word... you name it.

just search your vinyl stores for "break records" or "battle records", i'm sure something will turn up right away. if not, you can always check out the records released by major turntablists, such as q-bert or rectangle. their battle tools are pretty popular, and especially made for scratching.

hope that helped =)


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When I first started DJing, I thought the tones on my battle records were like mess ups. Then I tried scratching them.