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R'n'B News / Info Thread


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n u still didnt answer David's original Q. LOL

oh n posts at 995 for u kid, bdw.. could we get a treat at 1000? :D

i think ur rep will be added soon, if you've met all the other things that is.. thats if my understanding of the way it works is correct hmmm :cool:
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Oh yeah....hahahaha... :D :D

Do the Channel Islands ring a bell, maybe?? Jersey?? :) I know it's been a mystery to few in here, tryin' to work out why my English is so good... :D

Hey...i'm like 4 posts away from my 1000th, so i wanna make it a special one...not dedicated to muffs...hahaha :D :D

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Hahahaha...we both posted and mentioned my 1000th at the same time :cool: Yep, i'll try and think of somethin' special for you guys ;)


OK, let's stop this... That's really no biology thread.

But I really hope for all of you that you've been commin' out of your mum's "Punani"... So that's it!

Let's get back to the important things : RnB!


Aight... Sorry if I leave the topic, but I gotta ask now.

Dj Soulchild!

I walked through St. Pauli/Hamburg this weekend and a guy gave me a flyer. They give you thousands of flyers if you walk through this big party street, so I just over flew this flyer. I was shooked! Click here!!

Was it really you? I didn't have the chance to go there...


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Mario - Go (Tracklisting)

saw some more info, thought i'd share

PRODUCERS: The Neptunes, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael Cox, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Rich Harrison, Scott Storch, Akon, Krucial Keys, Alicia Keys, The Underdogs, Eric West, Polow da Don & Stargate

01 Go
02 Crying Out For Me
03 Kryptonite
04 Why
05 How Do I Breathe
06 No Definition
07 What It's Gonna Be
08 Lay In My Bed
09 Right And a Wrong Way
10 Do Right
11 Ghetto Love
12 Let Me Watch

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Here's some pretty interesting info i discovered on the "King Of New Jack Swing"'s upcoming projects... :cool:

1) Teddy has put together another new group, this time it's a proper seven-piece R&B/Funk/Rock band that goes by the name of "ADIDA"...with Teddy being a member himself ;) They'll be releasing an album by the end of the year, and me being the biggest Teddy Fan in the world, i can't wait to hear what they're gonna sound like!!!! :cool: These are the other members:

- Carlos "The Difference" McSwain (Drums & Vocals): Has played as a studio and tour drummer for Blackstreet and Keith Sweat and even produced Ralph Tresvant's ballad "Homegirl" off his last album...

- J. Mathis (Guitar & Vocals): White R&B / Pop artist, best known for his tracks he recorded last year with Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. Has also done writing and studio work for Brandy ("What About Us"), 3LW and K. Young.

- J-Stylz (Vocals): Replaced Blackstreet's Chauncey "Black" Hannibal on the recent "New Jack Swing Reunion Tour" and it looks as if he's become an official member of the group now...more shifting goin' on... :rolleyes:

- Tyler Kavarro (Guitar & Vocals): Studio musician and owner of indie label "Spektral Music Group", who just signed an alternative rock band called "S.O.Stereo"...

- Moses Staimez (Guitar): Studio Guitarist / Producer / Engineer who has worked with numerous R&B acts, such as New Edition, Johnny Gill, Bell Biv Devoe, India Arie, Jagged Edge and Anthony David

- William "Big Worm" Blount (Bass Guitar): Studio / Tour musician that has worked with probably every R&B cat you name...Aaliyah, Jodeci, Silk, Sam Salter, Monica, Usher, Charlie Wilson, Donell Jones, Montell Jordan, Dave Hollister, Shai...just about EVERYONE.

2) Teddy is working on upcoming albums by Blackstreet, Guy, Michael Jackson (which i'm really looking forward to...no doubt, we can expect them all to be pushed back for ages though), The Backstreet Boys (!!) and yep...unbelievable, but sadly true - Kyle Minogue!!!!!!!!! :confused:

Hmmmmm....what are your thoughts, peepz???? :rolleyes:


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1. CORRECTION > u being the 2nd biggest Teddy fan ;)

2. that is kinda strange him working with BSB & Kylie tho (i wouldn't say sad tho LOL)... Kylie is working with man of the moment Calvin Harris so thats gonna be some real funky electro/punk/house fusion goin' on so i dont really see how teddy will fit into the "musical direction" of that album (so to spk) :confused:


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Madonna working with Timbaland, J.T, Pharrell, 50

first off, im a massive Madonna fan, its incredible how she changes her sound all the time... If you havent already u need to check out her confessions concert DVD.. sick is not the word! anyways back on topic...

Tim and Justin have wrote and produced 10 songs for Madonna's new album, and shes also working with 50 and Pharrell
"She's great. ... She's got a hot album. Her album is up there with Justin's album."
"Ah, man," Tim gushed. "There's this one song, we taking it back to 'You must be my luck-eee starrrr!' ........The name of the song is 'La, La.' Pharrell did a hot one for her too called 'Candy Shop.' She's off the chain."
^^ Dammmnn! 'Lucky Star' is one of my favs too....from what i've read/heard about it i cant wait :)



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Cassie; B.Cox & Eric Hudson added to all-star line-up

aswell as Kanye, Pharrell and the talented Mr. Leslie, shes also working with producers Eric Hudson and one of my (and darkch1ld's) fav producers B.Cox :)

great additons to the already great production line-up ;)

she also may be working with Lenny Kravits too, but thats not 100% atm :)


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Maxwell - Black Summer's Night

Alright, what's happening with this album "Black Summer's Night?" I don't think there is anyone on the R&B thread that has even dared to comment on this one. That's why I thought we should start just a little info thread going. If you know anything about the album, the release date, any of the tracks, any info at all, it'd be nice if you could give us an update and share a bit of your thoughts on this one too. Thanks guys. Much appreciated as always.



Oh Doom, of course not this stupid Cassandra Ventura (!), I mean Cassandra Wilson...

Check her out!

Was just kiddin'...:p