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R'n'B News / Info Thread


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Teddy Riley Interview

Interesting read, especially for the younger cats who might not know who he is or are that familiar with some of what he's done/accomplished --> get to find out about the man who the people u look upto (neptunes, kanye, r-les, darkchild, dr dre etc) look upto themselves ;)

heres some quotes from the article:

Lucy Diamonds: Speaking of Michael Jackson, after he broke records with Quincy Jones on several albums up through Bad¸ you took over the production for Dangerous. At that time in your career, was following Quincy Jones a lot of pressure?

Teddy Riley: It was a lot pressure, I ain't gonna lie about it. I felt really tense going in there working with Michael and to be coming after Quincy who's a genius. He's the Grandfather of production. Actually he called me to do it. He told me "you can do this." He's the one who put me out there to Michael and said, "This is the guy you need to do your record." So then Michael called. At that point, I just went in with a lot of songs knowing he'd at least pick one song but he picked seven.
Lucy Diamonds: You discovered both the Neptunes and Rodney Jerkins. Can you tell us how those discoveries came about?

Teddy Riley: Well the Neptunes came about during a talent show that I had given. Pretty much, we had some judges overseeing the contest who were picking along the lines of the Whitney Houston sound, but these guys were in a class by themselves, so I chose them to be the winners. I overruled the judges' decision and pronounced them the winners. From there, I signed them to my production company. Rodney Jerkins -- I was working on Black Street at the time and one of my good friends and assistants back then, Earl Thomas, brought him to me. We just started grinding it out. I told him that I didn't want to be his manager, as I really didn't even have time for myself at the time. I told him that I could give him all the advice that he needed and for anything that he needed to know I'd be there for him. So once he came out, he pushed my name along as to where he came from. Rodney, he's my lil' brother.
and finally to finish LMAO :p :
Lucy Diamonds: When it's all said and done, how would you like the world to remember Teddy Riley?

Teddy Riley: I'd like the world to remember me as a hero.........


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rez said:
Alright, what's happening with this album "Black Summer's Night?"............. If you know anything about the album, the release date, any of the tracks, any info at all, it'd be nice if you could give us an update and share a bit of your thoughts on this one too.
i have a (new?) snippet called "Pretty Wings" from "Black Summer's Night"....


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Craig David's New album....

Craig David's new album is officially called "Trust Me"...

Check out one of his tracks from the album at www.craigdavid.com and check back every week to hear a new track... quite cool he coming back but I dunno about the live instruments, need him to do some RnB.. but looks like he gon be using a few swear words in his songs.. near the end he says the word "Fuck" lol... but its blankd out..


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New rumor about Chris Brown's cousin.

study shows haha
that Mishon is the guy who sings Fuel and Excuse Me Mama
and Chris Breezy's cuzzo...
So who da fxck is Darion Brown? is he another cousin?
are they a member of Madea's family? haha
tell me watchu think :D


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Mya Album?

I thought this was meant to drop this month, anyone know if its been put back?

Been waiting what, 4 years? Weren't feeling 'Ridin' but hopefully the album has more to offer.


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Chek out hot new Ordinary People remake by M.D. West. Betta than legend's version imo!

Just released today! Go to itunes to hear it or
myspace dot com/mdwestmusic

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rnbluva said:
Chek out hot new Ordinary People remake by M.D. West. Betta than legend's version imo!
He put his own twist on it, which i like....but it's NOWHERE near better than the original....you just can NOT cover that song and expect it to top John's version....no friggin' way on earth!!!! :D :D :D


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Cheri Dennis - In & Out Of Love [Album]

Finally, on Nov' 13th, Cheri's long awaited long player "In & Out of Love" will be released exclusively on i-Tunes...The U.S physical CD release is at present scheduled to follow in Feb' 08...

You know how long we've been waiting on this.. all the debates with Luv4Music about wether or not it will see the light of day LOL :D

"Remind You" is iTunes Single of the Week this week and will be made available for free download from tomorrow... A video is coming soon...


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Mario - Go [Official Track List]

from post #69 above...
k.m said:
01 Go
02 Crying Out For Me
03 Kryptonite
04 Why
05 How Do I Breathe
06 No Definition
07 What It's Gonna Be
08 Lay In My Bed
09 Right And a Wrong Way
10 Do Right
11 Ghetto Love
12 Let Me Watch
and heres the "Official Track List" they're rolling with now...

1. Go
2. Crying Out For Me
3. Skippin'
4. Music For Love
5. Kryptonite-Feat. Rich Boy
6. How Do I Breathe
7. No Definition
8. Why
9. Lay In My Bed
10. Right And A Wrong Way
11. Let Me Watch-Feat. Juelz Santana
12. Do Right
13. Let Me Love You [Acoustic] [Bonus Track]

"07 What It's Gonna Be" from the old T/L has been taken out... i'm glad, well it was ok, but not upto the standard of the other tracks n i did say that then... http://www.tjsdjs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57350&highlight=Mario+gonna

"11 Ghetto Love"; i thought it was really nice :eek: :(

"4. Music For Love" and "3. Skippin' " ...Great additions! :) ..lovin' both of them Mad Scientist productions ;)

Personally, I'd get rid of "11. Let Me Watch" and put in "Main Attraction" and "Ghetto Love" and then add a couple more bonus tracks, "If" etc cos there isn't really a need for "Let Me Love You" again :cool:


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Cassie Grows Up On Sophomore Album

Bad Boy R&B singer Cassie will release her as-yet-untitled sophomore album on May 20..........

The album features production from Seven, Mario Winans, Bryan Michael Cox, Eric Hudson, Sean C and LV and mentor Ryan Leslie, who discovered the Connecticut native. There are no guest features recorded as of yet.

And although a first single hasn't been released, Cassie assures it will be "a club record -- something fun and danceable." Possible contenders include the Seven-produced "My House," the flirty "Thirsty" and the concept track "Push It".
source: http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003695642

damn, never knew seven n mario winans were lined up also... maybe they're workin together like on the ashanti record... kanye, danja and pharrell/neptunes are all missing from that list (even tho they are working together) yet it still looks imppressive... dunno 'bout u, but im really curious :)
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Dupri: Usher 'Itching' To Release New CD

Usher's 2004 Jive album, "Confessions," has shifted 9.4 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, but tentative release dates keep coming and going for its follow-up, which is now nebulously slated for sometime this year........

.."The last couple times I've been around [him], you could tell he's got the bug to hurry up and put this record out. He wants to get back out here and give the people that. He's got that itch."

Dupri is known to have produced the track "The Realest," which was at one time mentioned as a possible first single. T-Pain produced "All the Time," while Ludacris guests on "Dat Girl Right There," which leaked last month. Dre & Vidal and Cool and Dre are also said to have contributed to the album......."
SOURCE: http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003695501


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Snoop & Teddy Riley

Snoop Dogg recently revealed that Pharrell Williams and legendary R&B producer Teddy Riley will be supplying beats for his upcoming ninth solo album titled Ego Trippin' dropping in March :)

"Pharrell is always going to be involved with what I do," he said. "Teddy Riley had the music game in his hand for 12 years straight. He knows how to create the atmosphere for a great artist and a big event. I feel like I'm a big artist and keep my albums in the classification of a big event. For me and him to work together, it's gonna be like Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson working together on that Thriller album." ...

Dj Soulchild

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Yeah, Teddy revealed that collabo with Snoop 2 months ago already in that funny-as-hell Jamie Foxx interview i posted somewhere in this forum... :) Ted's gonna be back in a big way in 2008...i can feel it ;)


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Leona - Stateside Rls Date

Leona Lewis will release the U.S. version of her smash selling debut album "Spirit" on 8th April....

The set will now feature 2 new additional tracks: the Akon produced "Forgive Me" and "Misses Glass" written & produced by MadScientist & Rock City... I persoanlly can't wait for the latter :)

Rmbr my prediction when Spa posted "Bleeding Love" mega early? ;) bdw, did y'all know Bleeding Love was co-written by Jesse McCartney...


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Janet - Discipline - Track Listing Announced

Janet's new album, Discipline, available February 26th!

Discipline - Track Listing

1. I.D. (Interlude)
2. Feedback
3. LUV
4. Spinnin (Interlude)
5. Rollercoaster
6. Bathroom Break (Interlude)
7. Rock With U
8. 2nite
9. Can't B Good
10. 4 Words (Interlude)
11. Never Letchu Go
12. Truth Or Dare (Interlude)
13. Greatest X
14. Good Morning Janet (Interlude)
15. So Much Betta
16. Play Selection (Interlude)
17. The 1 feat. Missy Elliott
18. What's Ur Name
19. The Meaning (Interlude)
20. Discipline
21. Back (Interlude)
22. Curtains
collaborations with Jermaine Dupri, Terius "Dream" Nash, "Tricky" Stewart, Cristyle Johnson, Johnta Austin, Stargate, Ne-Yo, Dernst Emile, and Rodney Jerkins.


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Estelle Makes American Boy Video

forgot to post this earlier... look out for Estelle's "American Boy" music video hitting music channels soon :)

...Estelle’s boss the musical maestro john legend and her mate the indisputable Kanye West both turned up to play lead roles in her new video American Boy.

Other cameos were by Taz from hip-hop funk group Sa-Ra, super producer Ryan Leslie (Cassie) and Hi Tek as well as other American movers and shakers.

The video is a sexy, simple, slick futuristic vision of Estelle against a backdrop of different American boys.

As if having Kanye West at the shoot wasn’t enough, Estelle and Kanye got to film love scenes together too!
Source: http://www.mtv.co.uk/channel/mtvuk/news/28012008/399279/estelle_makes_american_boy_video

Looks like Ryan's plan of maximum exposure is well underway... Estelle has already added her touch to his "Diamond Girl" record alongside many other stars of the Hip-Hop/RnB world and now Ryan is going to get his 2nd cameo this month, the other was in Cassie's "Is It You".

Bdw, heres a lil trivia for you... did u know "Is It You" was originally for her debut album... but they tucked it away for later and when they were asked for a song for Step Up 2, this was perfect for the scenario...

EDIT: ^^ I should have said: "Is It You" was originally put aside for her album... it wasn't specifically written for Step Up 2 as it was already finished before they asked for a track.....
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Latest Release Dates From Bad Boy

Upcoming Albums..

Cheri Dennis - "In & Out Of Love" - February 26th
Danity Kane - "Welcome To The Dollhouse" - March 18th
Day26 - "Day26" - March 25th
Elephant Man - "Let's Get Physical" - April 8th
Cassie - "tbc" - May 20th