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Ryan Leslie Loses Stolen HDD Trial

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tl;dr: Ryan Leslie got his macbook stolen and offered 1 million dollars for it back...well someone found it in a bag, gave it to police and took R. Les up for his 1 million dollar offer, Ryan said his harddrive was corrupted and they could not restore his files, backed out on his offer... got sued and LOST the trial. So Ryan has to pay 1 million dollars for getting his "laptop" back..


The talented musician and producer Ryan Leslie is not playing a fair game right now. Ryan is currently in court being sued for $1 million because he reneg on his reward for his missing laptop. Leslie, a Harvard graduate who started college at the age of 15, and scored a perfect 1600 on his SATs (my man!) described himself as “an ethical person” who “didn’t want to stiff anyone.” He said that even if he wanted to pay up, his manager refused to let him because they suspected there was “foul play involved.”

Leslie’s laptop disappeared from the back of a Mercedes-Benz he was using during a 2010 tour in Europe. When he discovered it was missing, Leslie posted YouTube videos and tweets pleading for its return, and offered a $1 million dollar reward.

Weeks later, it was found and turned in to German police by an auto repair shop owner named Armin Augstein, who said he found the computer inside a black backpack while walking his dog.

However, when it was time to pay Augstein, Leslie admitted he backed out of the deal, saying that what he really wanted back were the unreleased songs he’d written and stored on the computer’s external hard drive…and he was never able to access the songs. As he testified in court:

“The $1 million reward was for the return of the intellectual property.”

Leslie told jurors that the laptop held iTunes copies of his songs — but they were worthless compared with the original multi-track versions stored on the computer’s hard drive. Leslie said that he was unable to access those original multitrack versions,which was crucial because, at the time, he was heading to a recording session with West and Jay-Z in England.