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Setting up a song to where it's download able


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I know that some of yall use zshare or something like that.

How would i put a song up for download just for the dj's?

Or is it called Eshare?

something like that.


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put the song in a folder on the desktop, go to zshare.net, click the browse button, find the folder on your desktop, click it, select the file you want to upload, click ok, click TOA box, then click upload and wait for the screen to generate a link

just paste that link anywhere you want to provide access to the file

da blur

dont use soundclick for people to download because it doesnt make it available for good sound quality, well last time i checked which was a LONG time ago so not sure if they changed it but....

You have to have like 150 posts here to post a link to a song anyway. but if you truly own the song or remix you made you could post it without the http://www.
most popular file hosts are

sharebee.com which uploads it to several of them for you automatically
& my new fav

theres a ton more though.

You just click Browse, find your file you want to share
click ok > hit the upload.. WAIT TILL IT'S DONE UPLOADING..
copy the link and paste it in forums.
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