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Shad - Breathe + [Exlcusive Video]

Dj Soulchild

New member
Oh ok, this is the SNIPPET of "Breathe"!! :rolleyes: I was just about to say "damn, that wasn't supposed to happen!"...'cause Shad sent this to me back in May, i was gonna put it on my last mixtape and was told not to leak it, but i opted for "Sexual" in the end, 'cause i thought that was more of a banger... :cool:

But all i can say is: watch out for this guy in 2009. He's got some SICK SICK SICK music ready for release...gonna be one hell of an album, some of the best R&B to come outta the UK in a loooooong time... :cool:

P.S.: Where's the video? Was that meant to be the one that's on his MySpace page?