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Super OEM Turntables


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Hey all, was taking a look at some of these super oem turntables from Harpin Electron. They basically make these turns and distribute them to brands like Audiotechnica (AT LP 120 USB), DJ tech (SL1300MK6) and a few others including the Stanton 150 and Reloop 6000. The prices for the first two and the second two respectively don't vary much, and i've seen mostly good reviews.

Wanted to get a few opinions from you guys before making an investment on any of these decks. I'm on a tight budget so don't really wanna fork out a shitload of cash for a set of decks. Also where I live its almost impossible to get my hands on a second hand pair of technics or vestax turns.

Do you guys think that these might be a good buy for mostly home use and minor gigs? And of the above, which would you recommend? Thanks in advance.