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T.I. a free agent, wants $75 to sign to label

da blur

He was just saying in a Bitches & Bottles "Boy you tryin’ to get what I been here, been down for like 10 years/I’m gettin’ it in til it's unreal let’s say one album and like ten mill" according to my calculations that's only 30 mill/3 albums....but now he says he wants $75m....(including tours, publishing, tv, movie rights and what not...) Heard Sony offered 50 million but Dr. Dre is in talks with him... Really? T.I. Should Pay Dre to work with him.....Jay-Z and Lil Wayne might be eyeing him also.. What happened to Grand Hustle- his own label.... does he just want a publisher to give him $75 million advance? Why not be fully independent and make all profit? He could easily go back to jail for a very long time if he slips up again too..
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