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The American Audio SDJ-1

dj tre-love

The Next Big Thing For Dj's?


The American Audio SDJ-1 – you’ve never seen (or heard!) -- anything like it before. This revolutionary SD Card Player will let you carry your music library around in an SD card the size of a postage stamp!

With the SDJ-1, and your American Audio mixer, you can mix and manipulate tracks the same way you would with a CD or MP3 disc. Except for one big difference – you won’t have to carry around any hard drives, laptops, MP3 players or other external devices. . . just this tiny little card that you can fit between your thumb and forefinger without even breaking into a sweat

see the demo


New member
Not really feeling American Audio...

but if Pioneer came with a software upgrade that allows you to do this with the CDJ-1000 I would die a happy man