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Usher - Moving Mountains Extended Club Mix

DJ Tygre

New member
Sounds good! I'm lookin' forward to hearing this one! Please send me that link asap! Thanx again!

Keep The Faith,
DJ Tygre


New member
totally agreed when i heard di mix precious....

me should have said......

pella&inst anyone???;)

Precious P. said:

pella? Inst?

I took the original song and added stuff, that's all. ;)

da blur

Precious P. said:
Sent. Except da blur, it says your mail box is full.
lol i never said i wanted it, just saying it sounds good upbeat and that its a good remix..

although, its not that I don't want it, but you don't have to send it if you dont want..... :p
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Mizz P!!! Lovin this joint send one back to da dirty!!!! This is Fire!!! Get back at me with a link to get the DL!!! MADLOVE and Keep on doing tha damn thing!!!
"Misterdje" or send it (MP3) to misterdje@yahoo.com