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Using a subwoofer....


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I have had my JBL Eon 518S since December, and it sounds pretty good at everything I do...but I just have the output from the mixer going straight into it, with no crossover or anything. I am thinking of buying whatever I'll need to get the most out of it, but I wanted to know how much of a difference it will make if I do it like that. It seems like when I turn the volume on the sub all the way up, which I shouldn't really have to, it sounds good, but as if it could be louder...and it gets nowhere near peak level, so I think it can use something else.


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At the minimum I would add an EQ, if not a compressor/limiter too. I use an all in one setup from Ashley. 2 rack mount spaces and it has all of the settings I need for compression, boost, roll-off, everything. Might be a little overkill, but you never know when you might need it. You could probably run a little more out of the subs, but they generally set the max on those so that you have headroom.

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im not sure of ya budget but what you can do is get a lil 4 or 6 channel mixer wit eq's on each channel and multiple outputs like a lil mackie or beringer mixer..ya know one of those small ones..beringer got on for like 60 bux at guitar center.....then run ya turntable mixer to that...and run the outs from that to ya speakers......that will help hella much and you wont spend that much money....chech out guitar center or musicians friend...they got em all the time!!!

you do that and trust me you wont have to turn ya sub past half way......