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What cities/states have their own local style of music/dance?


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What cities/states have their own style of music and dancing that has a strong scene, where most of it has the same sound/vibe and gets play from almost everybody in that area? It could still be major, or something that has lost steam since it first came out.

From what I know, this is all I've heard of....if I'm wrong about somethin, just correct me, it's nothin.

Bay Area CA - Hyphy scene (sounds like Tell me when to go, Blow the whistle, etc. etc.)

New Orleans - Bounce Music (sounds like I need a hot girl, Back that ass up, Choppa Style, Walk like Ronald, Drop and give me 50 [original song and Hurricane Chris' version], DJ Jubilee, "Josephine Johnny" "Bunny hop")

DC - Go-Go (Doin da butt, Sexy lady, Sardines, Backyard Band, UCB, etc. etc.)

Miami/South Florida - No specific name...but aside from the main artists, songs/dances like "Stick and roll" Grind Mode "I'm so high" The Lauderdale Bop and "Bop wit it", "Vibin" are big. It evolved from the early 90's booty music from Luke.

Chicago - House music (DJ Chip, "Hold up wait a minute" "Bounce", tracks like "Percolator" and "Juke slide", Twista "Pimp like me"). I heard they don't footwork as much as they used to, but I assume it's still there

Atlanta - Keeps changing...we've seen Crunk, Snap, the "Crank" style, the "dope boy" style...I don't know what's next, but most of the music right now has somewhat of a laid back crunk energy to it...not as hype as it was in 03-05, but still the same vibe

New York - The Chicken Noodle soup style dancing, songs like "Lip gloss" and "Chicken noodle soup"...I'm not familiar with any other songs or artists

L.A. - Krump/clown dancing scene...there is something called "Buck music" that I'm not as familiar with because it came after I finished high school...but when clown dancing came out, virtually no L.A. music catered to it

Dallas TX - Tracks like "My Dougie" "Caprice music" and "Get it bitch", others like "Check out my lean". From what I've heard, some sounds very ATL inspired, and some sounds Houston inspired

Houston TX - Screwed music...I don't know too much about the local artists outside of Z-Ro, Paul Wall, Trae, etc. etc. but I think they still slow the music down and ride to it like that

Tampa Fl - I think "Jook/juke music" is the generic term, but it's a lot of songs that have dances to them, and some are just made for regular dancin...tracks like "Look back at it" "Take it back hoe" "City boy wit it" "Keep jukin" "Low 2 da flo". Khia, Tampa Tony, and Rated R are the only artists that are really known outside of Florida, but it's a few others like Da Undadawgs, Lil Kee, and DSD (Khia's group)

Detroit - Jit music...I don't know if it's still big, but I know it's similar to house music (from what I know). I remember hearing some Detroit and Chicago people go at it for a while to debate who started what first, between Jit and Footworkin.

Baltimore - Baltimore Club...I don't know much about it at all, but it sounded like Techno or house music from what I heard.

da blur

Hmm thought I seen this topic posted before but I guess not...

You pretty much covered most of them but

Miami also has the Miami Bass and Booty Music (mid 80s, and 90s) known for their heavy 808 bass and raunchy lyrics with the likes of

2 Live Crew - Me So Horny
Tag Team - Whoomp! There It Is
Freak Nasty - Da Dip
INOJ - Love You Down / My Boo
Quad City DJs - C'Mon N' Ride It (The Train)
69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll
Gucci Crew II - (Sally That Girl)
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back

Detroit has "Ghettotech" (~1994)
Disco D (RIP) is credited by for developing the term during his days as a teenager on the scene.
Other spellings include Ghetto Tech, GetoTek, Ghettotec, and other names include Detroit Bass (sharing the title with Detroit area Electro), Booty Bass (sharing the title with Miami Bass)

Ghettotech is an electronic/dance style that combines elements of Chicago's ghetto house with electro, hip hop, techno, and grafts the perceived raunch of Miami Bass as the vocal stamp of the music.

Also recently more then ever there has been a lot of pack of club producers popin up all over from Miami FL area including Scott Storch, Cool N Dre, The Runners.. etc. and DJ Khaled who get a lot of other MI artists to make mini remix athems now a days that seem to have the formula for cranking out non stop hit records.

In ATL specifically of the southern movement takes the crown as the home for cranking out countless songs aimed toward strippers

East coast is known for their raw lyrics and underground hiphop and MPC Sampling beats with conscious rappers such as Talib Kewli, Mos Def, Nas, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye (sometimes) well Chitown is more like mid east but still east caost.
NY is the home of B-boying, Pop-locking and breakdancing
Harlem is holds the Harlem Shake and Toe Wap as their hometown dances.
There are also various different sub styles of the Krump dancing in LA some of the most popularized styles include:

Goofy: Pioneered by the krump practitioner "Goofy" himself. It is the least aggressive of the krump styles, usually funny and energetic.
Rugged: containing less tricks; more of a pure essence.
Beasty: Aggressive, beast-like and powerful. It is similar to bully but more animalistic.
Grimey (or Bird): Dirty, mistrating and "wrong".
Flashy: Using a lot of foot movement and quick sharp, precise and smooth showy moves.
Cocky: Stuck up and conceited.
Jerky: Using motions that are not smooth and flowing but still artistic.
Pockets: Krumping while having one's hands in their pockets.
Bully: Aggressive and powerful
Monster: An eclectic mix of various older traditional krump moves as well as new, to various styles of music.
Tricks: Using a combination of moves
Fast: Quick, fast and energetic movements
Technical: a mix of flashy and smooth. Its more of a crowd pleasing style.

A Krump dancers tricks usually stem from what type of character they are although some krumpers can have alter egos or various styles. Krump dancing is a evolved form of the Clown dancing as you mentioned and continues to be evolving more and more each year! There seems to be a law or rules to these offical krumpers but really- there is no rule as long as you Do You and Be Original.
Theres also a new slew of sexual eruption type songs running the airwaves
all over the map now thanks to shawty redd theres been a Sexual Explosion

Shawty Redd - Drifter
Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption
Hot Dollar - Get Naked
Yung Dro - All That Money
Grindmode - I'm So High
Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah
The Az - Phonetap Confessions (kinda?)
..etc, etc..

it's damn near a new genre

And Timbanad and Danja have reinvented themselves yet again this time with the midi techno music from old video games put to hiphop drums.

Not to mention a bunch of ban wagon auto-tune people trying to imitate t-pain with that auto-tune shit

Someone could write a book on all the different dances/styles of HipHop that have evolved over the years.

I also herd theres some new genre called Glitch or Noise that has to do with digital glitches or manipulating static feedback some crazy stuff... lol

what will be the next big thing?
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D.C. also has a certain type of crazy dancing we go to go-go... one of our most known and popular is to 'beat your feet'. Like This of kelly rowland samples go-go, buncha major artists sampled go-go.....my mind is blank lol.


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^^Da blur...damm, you listed a lot. LOL, I never knew it was that many dimensions to krumping. I know that in HS, I never heard it referred to as "krumping"...everybody just called it clown dancing or whatever.

Yeah, I know that Rich Harrison's whole style came from Go-Go, so songs like Amerie "One thing" Beyonce "Freak um dress" and "Crazy in love" all have that drum bounce to it. I remember when my homeboy from DC showed me the "Beat your feet" thing back in 02...we were like WTF are you doin??

da blur

lol yeah i just kept editing it and adding more info on it and i couldnt stop..

R-Tistic said:
I never knew it was that many dimensions to krumping. I know that in HS, I never heard it referred to as "krumping"...everybody just called it clown dancing or whatever
its refered to as "Gettin Buck" or "Gettin Off" too. clowin is more on your sides of your feet and doin crazy tricks and what not

Oakland L.A. also is originator of Turf dancing, similar to that of pop lock and krump
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I was readin the Wiki on Krumping yesterday...and it made me remember that the Battle Zones in L.A. that Tommy the clown used to have did have a whole "Clowns vs. Krumpers" theme, but even that was after HS.

I just learned about the "Wu-Tang" dance this past weekend...from what I heard, it's part of the whole Baltimore club sound that seems to be spreadin throughout the whole East Coast. I still can't differentiate that sound from the Chicago house sound, except for that Chicago's songs seem to be bouncier in some way.