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What do you use to make your beats?


Yo!! how do you use Fruity Loops? I've always messed with Reason and for some reason trying to use Fruity Loops is hard for me. I only wanna know cause there are some Vst's and stock FL sounds that i cant find for Reason.


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yep..check out my page.. www.myspace.com/backrooment

theres two songs on the ms player..scroll down to the "about me" section and check guitar playin instruments and sum others..its just learnin to place ya instruments in da right spot on FL..

I also sell bulk packaged drum kits if you need to get started wit sumthin


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fantom x6, kontakt 2 software instrument/sampler... w/ collosus, big fish, ect sound banks (52gigs+), all created & tracked in protools hd1. jbl 4328 monitors & sub. s*&tload of plugin processors & efx.


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ProTools for mixing, mastering, and recording full tracks and Reason for the beat either standalone or via rewire into protools, and plugins like SampleTank and Hypersonic for added flava.

Since Pro Tools takes a day and a half to load up, I use other daw software like acid and sound editors like soundforge for quick stuff.


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Right now I just have a Juno-G. I'm looking to get some software, maybe cubase and reason, pretty soon. Juno-G is actually very useful though.