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What do you use to make your beats?


Flownan The Barbarian
I use the MPC 2000XL and Triton Workstation. I am bored to death of using the triton sounds for so long so I make my own on it.


Flownan The Barbarian
I use the MPC 2000XL and Triton Workstation. I am bored to death of using the triton sounds for so long so I make my own on it.



Denon S1000 turntables
Denon X100 DJ Mixer
BCD2000 Bcontrol DJ mixer
MTX audio PA speakers
Mackie HR24's
Kaysound MK4902 MIDI Keyboard
Roland XV
Roland Boss DDR-660
Roland Fantom Xa
Cubase LE
Fender Stratocastor Guitar USB amped​


****** of the New Sound..
Yamaha Motif XS6
Dell Inspiron 1501 with Cubase AI4
Reason 4
and about 5 gigs of drum kits!!! lol

MPC2500 coming soon...

Dj Fatigue

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I downloaded pro tools LE only to find that you have to have digidesign hardware to use it. I want to use it for recording records to use for serato and also to record mixes. Is there any way around the whole digidesign hardware thing? PLEASE HELP!!!


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I use reason 4.0, keyboards, and flstudio all within Pro-tools. Vstis include Philharmonik, Nexus, Sonik Synth, and Collosus.


turntable smoker
M-Audio Axiom 61 , Reason 4.0 , Adobe Audition, Pro tools 8.0, M-Box, Tascam Us 2400 console, Mpc 1000 , Gateway Computer , and 6 tbs worth of externals. I now have added the openlabs tse miko to my arsenal, wow what a machine.:D:D:D
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Hottest In The Game
Right now I just have a Juno-G. I'm looking to get some software, maybe cubase and reason, pretty soon. Juno-G is actually very useful though.

juno g is dope bro, its got the same sounds as the fantom. for the price, it can't be beat. we mess with it heavy....

DJ Rayl

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Welll, sadly, I have FL Studio Version 8, Producers Edition and that's it. I mean, I have some vst plugins, but no MIDI controller or MPC. HEy, I'm just a broke mixed kid, lol. Hopefully I can build on it soon, though.

devious Davis

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reason 3.0 and 4.0, i like 3.0 better just because im use to it way more. reason has insane drums and great effects. highly recommended for hip/hop producing. FL is amazing for mixing, from personal use. i still have fl 5 producer edition, i aint in any hurry to get a newer version, it simply has the essential shit you need


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I use Sonar and Native Instruments most of the time. And I love my old Triton. I can create new sounds on it. I plan on getting a new Fantom G though.


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I am using AtomixMP3 software.This allows you to mix like a pro DJ with your computer. Either you are a music lover who wants to burn your own mixed CDs, or a professional DJ who performs in a nightclub, AtomixMP3 will surprise you with its ability to make your life so much easier.


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I use Sonar Cakewalk 64-bit edition on Windows Xp-64 ( i know its a dying breed but it still works), along with countless vsti's.. my old Alesis QSR 88key weighted keyboard/controller, Reason rewired into Sonar sometimes and my brain:). Also working with a nice amount of RAM (8gb) and 64-bit platforms and Sonar allow me to utilize every last bit of it. It's rad