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What is a Record Pool?


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A record pool is a collection of DJs who pay a fee in order to attain the newest music first. Quite often before a song/artist reaches the stores, pools get the product to pass to the DJs. The DJs in turn, break the music in the streets, clubs, and radio. Because of their direct connection to the streets, DJs have the power to either make or break a project. As Marlo Martin, the East Coast Mixshow Manager of Arista Records attests, "pools are very helpful in breaking records. Not every DJ can be added to label mailing lists. Pools are an effective way for jocks to get records and information and to meet fellow jocks and label reps." The difference between a hit and a flop is almost always a direct relationship based on how much the DJ likes the record.

Once the public has heard and reacted to the new song, the DJ reports back to his pool. Good or bad, this reaction is what the labels live for. With this information, they can see on paper where in the world people feel their music. Now, they can more positively direct their attention to individual markets, making for an efficient and more cost effective campaign.

A pool can be judged on the following criteria: number of members, where the members spin, control of a market, reporting reliability, label servicing. All of these criteria combined equal the ability to break records. Essentially, that is what a record pool's purpose is. If a pool cannot break a record efficiently and effectively, there is no need to even consider that pool for servicing.