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What's your favorite Filesharing service (sendspace, rapidshare, etc...)?


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What filesharing company (sendspace, rapidshare, etc...) do you like the most? Why?


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HushLoungeDJ said:
ZShare is pretty fast and I like how I can hear the track before I download it.
Does the advertising bother u at all?


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i like many for different reasons...

as an uploader u have a different look on things, but here goes.......

i like speedyshare because it has lil advertising n jus behind rapid its extremely fast and allows free users to simultaneously download files at full speed w/out a care in the world lol.. unfortunatly, it only hosts your files for a short period..

i like rapidshare because w/out doubt it gets u the file the quickest; completely max's out ur connection (most of the time), it also hosts the file a long time.. it also doesnt have any adverts n stuff - so no annoying pop ups etc.. however downside to non-paying members; the waits inbetween downloads, esp if they've jus got a large file previously..

megaupload because the file stays online an extremely long time, n the speed is ok... sometimes its fast like 500kb on other ocassions it cld be 20kb.

i also like these mirror sites such as sharebee and massmirror etc.. as it mirrors the upload onto various different sites simultaneously

ones i dont like as much:

zshare; soo many ads, pop-ups n cliks u have to do before u get to the d/l n when u do its slow..

sendspace times out a lot of times n makes u wait.. unless ur a premium user..

mediafire - ok, nothing special tho..


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I prefer zshare because it streams the track quickly. As for larger files (ie zip and rar) Id say megaupload?


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I usually use megaupload cuz I'm just used to it

zshare is growing on me cuz it lets folk stream the content before you DL

when I do radio mix uploads I use speedyshare cuz they like it

different ones serve different purposes


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tru dat

but when click the link to download you gotta click like 3 more times and then get the popups on top of that

you gotta give somn to get somn in this world

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I favor mediafire because the speeds are good most of the time, only downside is they are always doing technical sh!t with the servers.

For single songs I favor z-share because of being able to preview the track 1st, it saves time you would waiste downloading if you don't wanna save it. But divshare also does this too and I have started to use it more often.

I don't use Megaupload because I can't even upload or download to that site on my computer. Sendspace is ok too, links die quick though.


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Zshare lovers...

try this... a lot faster..


see the file name? bobby ? to stream the file jus clik.. to save; right clik save target as....the only difference between this n zshare is all the advertising n pop-ups.. it goes in the exactly same place that zshare does, temp files when u stream.
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I've never tried speedy share. I'm bout to check that one out today.

Do any of the services that stream also have any type of premium account to avoid the ads? I like sendspace's premium acct. It just doesn't provide streaming.


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TJ said:
Do any of the services that stream also have any type of premium account to avoid the ads?
this might jus be what your looking for TJ, it lets u stream too :)

its a fairly new site (few months or so) but it does allow the uploader to become a premium user for a fee n remove all ads from their uploads, it also lets u customise the flash player (for streaming) so u can like put like tjs logo n stuff on it (why not advertise ur own site while u share) ;)

We also offer DivShare Direct, a first-of-its-kind premium upgrade that allows you to brand your Flash video, audio and slideshows with your logo. For serious bloggers and web sites, you keep your name in the limelight, and we take care of all the hosting. Plans start at under five bucks a month. Read more about Direct.

For large businesses and publications, DivShare offers powerful and flexible enterprise solutions that provide fully branded, easy-to-use hosting for video, audio and other files. To get in touch with our Enterprise team, click here.

chk it out:

if u wanna chk out a file hosted on the site, chk out the old skool section, dj craze :)

p.s TJ - any news on the D.A situation? chk mod c/p for more details :)


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Guys if u want feedback on your music ur best 2 upload your shit on ZSHARE.NET

On zshare.net u can listen to the track b4 u download
I duno about the rest of djs but with so much music vying 4 your attn u dont wana have 2 take a chance on everything u see coz a percentage of it is allways gonna be junk so my advice is artists / A&R / promo people who are posting music anytime u want feedback, its best to use zshare.net



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no fuck that zshare, that makes u wait 20 seconds, use hotshare.net its just like zshare but faster and better fuck zshare!!!


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I don't mind waiting 20 secs if I can preview before I download.


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1. private website (no wait time, no ads, clean download)
2. zshare (can preview before download, but has ads and wait time now)