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WHO IS THIS GIRL? (Tiraera_pa_Arcangel)


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none of ya'l was feelin this? this shits crazy, hahahaha. diablo mano esta tipa lo mato "quieres ser el proximo tempo pero estas fuera de tiempo, porque mejor que tu hay como quiniento'". "suenas patetico cabron" "te deverias llamar ardiablo porque estas mas feo que'l carajo" hahahahahha or wuteva d fuck she said.

where she at i'ma sign the chik. <-------------das wut i would say if i was a music exec at some hot ass lable. white lion should pick her ass up. damn no myspace page?

Eddie Rosado


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starcrafter2k said:
could be tito or some other nigz
first time I heard tito I thought it was a bitch rappin on the track
That #### it's crazy LMFAO


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Well somebody told me :"that girl is called "La Nena", well I'm not sure
Lemy thinks that she is "La Sister"