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Why was the Music Trader forum removed?

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Since i'll probably never get access I'll just continue what i'm doing and screw it. The MT section probably doesn't have ne thing I don't have ne ways.


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Poonz said:
I have no problem posting my ftp with a ton of music on there...to get access. I may not be a DJ and I have no plans to be one...but I do love music and like to get as much new stuff as I can...
im with poonz on this 1 im not a DJ either but love R&B and love to have the new stuff thts y i keep coming to this site..... i live in the uk and find it hard to find new R&B music when we get sumthing new over here its already about 4 months old to u guys in the USA! i just cant win lol :( i have my american students taking the pi** all the time when i play a new track there telling me its old lol!!


i noticed that a few peeps asked how u got access to the music trader - i think its 100 USEFUL OR HELPFUL posts on the board - but TJ or Bigz will know exactly
Yeah I would like to know exactly how to get to the MT as well, i just found this site two days ago, its copolatic fo sho.... Anythin i can do to help i'm willin to but I dont kno how to make blends nor do I DJ, I just freestyle and right now i'm workin on startin up my own label...

FREE DA MUSIC, lol and holla atcha boi


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TJ said:
It was removed. I just made it private so only certain members can even see that it exists. The Music Trader section should be a extra treat for djs and no one else. Also, it has attracted to many leeches!!!!
Yep and this site generates hella traffic.....


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leungsta said:
Music Trader?? What can you do if u have that part?? Explain someone...
That's where u can trade music u have and also request music you're looking for. And find alot of music to download!!!!


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music trader

hey i've been on this forum for about 3 weeks now and didn't come to this knowing there was a music trader. I googled how to chop and screw and it gave me this site. i came here so i can get good advice from real djs and to ask questions that the normal person who listenens to music couldn't answer. These people on this site are cool and willing to answer any ? i need. Big ups to Tj, dj blacklabel, dj triton, yellowboy, and sao haven't talked to you yet but u are really knowledgeable. So peace to all you. This site is really good and informative, 'bout to join the cd pool here in a month or so. Peace Out Dj Retro


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what up dj retro, welcome to the site fam, yeah the people here are real cool and informative ...enjoy..

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I got really excited when cats started talking about upping Old school joints so I started pulling my archive up. After about three uploads BAM they were deleted (so I thought) then i found out about the elusive "Music Trader" forum that my threads were sent to. Now I can upload joints and wait for them to be moved to this forum, but I can't interact. tj please fill me in on the requirements to acheive "music forum" status.......Do you need to check my Leecher credit?

Anyway bring on the old school forum!!!


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Good job on making it priviate, it was a wise choice.

I would be happy to share everything I have, except, my ERG CD's where quite a bit of my music comes from are serialed.

But if i get ascess to the forum, I will be happy to share oldskool and underground :)

And, in a few months, im getting a dedicated server as well :cool:


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re:wHAT arE LeEChers ??

Leechers, trolls: Among other things, they reactivate old, dead threads, say from March?? :rolleyes:


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and how i can get a certain member? i will give peoples my producer stuff (instrumentals,acapellas..)

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hey anyone !!! how mnay post do u need 2 b on music trader ??? cuz i've heard a lot bout it n i want in !!!! i heard i need 100 post n i got dat !!! soo where can i find it ??? ight hit me bac peace


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Can someone clarify for me...

I have been lucky enough to get into Music Trader. I dont have 500 posts & im wonderign is there actually a REMIX SERVICE sub forum that unlocks at 500 posts? Or as I was in Music Trader before the posts numbers increased do I not need 500... anyone?
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