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Why was the Music Trader forum removed?

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Do something about that cough!!

Precious P. said:
Wow, look how ancient threads are coming out of the dust *cough cough*
P, you should really do something about that cough!

I'm not sure this is relevant, but when *I* found myself getting a cough like that, I had my girlfriend shave!* .........

*......yeah...probably not relevant!

(She looked better without the MOUSTACH anyway!! :D


Music soothes the pain
Although, I would love access to the many acapellas that may or not be available, I am here primarily to learn from the many, many tutorials.

When I first started on here I DJ'd parties but didn't and still don't consider myself a DJ. I am just a dude who plays music.

With the continued guidance from the many amazing talents here maybe one day I can call myself a DJ too.
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