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Young Buck Dissing DJ Khaled...


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I got this from an email blast...eh..heres the whole story

Attention artists--new or old--take notice to this article. DONT F-@! WITH THE DJ!!!!

Apparently Young Buck doesn't think applies to him. Understand you piece of ish rappers aint ish without the DJ who play and promote the garbage ya'll push. On the same note we, the DJs aint nothing without yall so that means treat each other with respect and lets get this paper.

The reason I bring this up is because the boy Young Buck went on Kay Slay's radio show earlier this week leaking a diss track crying about how Dj Khaled doesn't play his records.

Now if you remember, last year Young Buck was threatened with a ban from Core DJ's, of which Khaled is a member. While Buck says he has made peace with the prominent DJ collective, he can't figure out why Khaled won't play his songs.

Uh...here's a thought. How bout puttin out a hit and you might get some spins clown.
On this new track, which was fittingly played by The Drama King on Hot 97, Buck spits: "Khaled, play my sh!t ni99a 'I'm the best' / I don't carry grudges cuz' I get it off my chest..."

"Maybe Fat Joe tellin' you not to f#@$ with the Unit," he raps. "You can't ban me from radio or no DJ," he continues, before alluding to Khaled's hit, "while you takin' over the city, I'm taking over the state."

Toward the end of the track, Buck speaks over the music (as does Kay Slay with his annoying a$$ drops and irritating voice), "I tried to get your man to play my sh!t. MIA want to hear my sh!t. They f#@$ing wit you, but they f#@$ wit me more... I understand your situation man, being loyal to your crew. sh!t I'm loyal like a motherf#@$er too, but a hit is a hit ni99a. For you to win, You gotta play the hits. And I'm bumpin' ni99a, So play my sh!t, ni99a, like every other DJ!"

Stop crying ni99@, there are 1,786,521 other DJs in the world thats playing your ish. One DJ aint going make and break ya career.
linky to diss track..with kayslay yelling all over it....

now remember..young buck and had a hit since shorty let me ride and stomp...I tried get buck's new stuff in the clubs...and I straight lost the crowd....I will not support garbage....and its obvious khaled feels the same way.



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im feelin his tracks... hes got a good voice, but then again i like g unit as where many do not.... In addition my manager is still trying to shop my beats to G Unit, so Ive been trying to produce stuff that they would like, and that people would dance to in the club.


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theres not one song on young bucks sophmore set that would work in the club. get buck had a short run but other then that, if u dont suceed try again buck


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Get Buck actually works like a mofo down my way but I do agree that the DJ is most important and dude steppin on some pretty connected toes


I have this argument with one of my co-workers everyday about how he hates Khaled and how he hates Urban Dj's this is a prime example on how Dj's effect regions and what people like and listen to and what they don't, I am a CORE DJ, Khaled isn't he is an affiliate but he still reps...The power of a Dj in the urban music industry is one of no other, if you are the number one Dj in your market, which Khaled is in Miami & Nasty is in Orlando, you control what works and what doesn't, as if your Tony Neal or Latin Prince head of the Core Dj's or Bumsquad you head a 300+ Dj movement you have the power to basically do whatever you want to any label you want, think about if the CORE Dj's boycott an artist or even a record label the imediate impact that would have on that artist or labels money, Labels to what you have to do to make sure Dj's play your records and honestly don't be greedy, I don't need to go into any further details when I say that everyone knows what I am talking about....


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Get Buck doesn't work in the clubs? LMAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Where the hell are you guys DJing at? Convalescent homes?