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Video Footage

Check out the video footage from past TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Only events. Real player is needed to watch video footage. Download for free by clicking logo below.


>> Big Gipp

>> Kamikaze

>> Grandaddy Souf and Blood Raw


>> DJs Breaking Records - Malik Darby talking to djs about breaking records...check out comments from DJ Dr. Doom, Thrill Da Playa, Ed the World Famous, Supastar J.Kwik and Big Bodie

>> Smilez & Southstar talking about the importance of retail.


>> R.I.P. Camouflage and Melissa Metzcus

Misc. Video Footage

>> Archie Eversole Freestylin outside in parking lot

>> Grandaddy Souf plea to the djs to support local artists

>> After-party at the Moon - Legendary Jam Pony Express DJ Loc Cool Jock rocks the microphone. DJ Dr. Doom, DJ Frank Luv and DJ Nasty DJing. Grandaddy Souf on the mic in the dj booth.


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