A Little Late, But Right On Time 8/29/07

Ok, today’s segment of A Little Late, But Right On Time deals with the movie franchise “Saw.”テつ I know it’s been around for a minute, but I haven’t had a chance to check it out until I ran across Best Buy having a $4 DVD sale which included Saw 1 & 2.テつ And who can resist $4 DVDs?テつ I know a movie junkie like myself couldn’t let it pass without scooping those titles, plus Crash, Belly, and a weird Japanese psycho thriller, Audition.テつ But, I digress.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed Saw 1 and 2 for the different approach that it brought to the theme of live everyday as if it is your last.テつ I felt that althought Jigsaw’s methods were a tad extreme, I understand the point he was making.テつ Life is too short to not appreciate the gift we are given.テつ Too many times we say, I know I need to do this, but never mind, I’ll get it tomorrow.テつ What if tomorrow never comes?テつ Or what if the person you’ve been thinking about calling isn’t on Earth the next day?テつ As they say, tomorrow isn’t promised so take advantage today.テつ Carpe diem!

Btw, I thought Saw 3 was just ok compared to the other two.テつ I didn’t like the choices made by the husband plus the story line made him seem pathetic and weak willed.テつ In addition, the whole movie seemed as if it was a mandatory rerun without the imaginationテつof the first two episodes (although the rack was pretty cool).

Thanks for reading,

Keith “1st Prophet”

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