Competition Is Good For Hip-Hop

We have a saying around the office that says, “competition breeds excellence.”テつ If you have the strength to be successful, competition is healthy because it keeps your edge.テつ It forces you to step your game up and produce bigger and better things.テつ That’s why I’m delighted to see 50 Cent and Kanye West go head to head for the #1 spot on the sales chart this week.テつ What’s even better is that we’re discussing hip-hop acts top the charts ahead of country artists like Kenny Chesney.テつ That says alot about the commercial viability of our beloved genre.テつ I also appreciate the fact that 50 and Kanye have approached this as a competition and not a beef.テつ

Best of luck to 50 and Ye and I hope you both continue to live the good life for many years to come.テつ Just keep putting out that great music!

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