SECTION 218: Jaguars vs Falcons

September 16, 2007In the NFL, you only need one point to win the game.  Thankfully, the Jaguars were just proficient enough to put up 13.  Even better, the Falcons could only post 7 including two missed chip shots that could have tied the game. 

This week we were joined by four Falcon fans that traveled from Atlanta in order to attempt an injection of hope in an otherwise bleak outlook upon their season.  When quizzed about the handling of the Michael Vick saga, the reply was “the charge wasn’t serious enough to take away a man’s living.  PETA has lost my donation.”  They were especially amused by our first down “move the chains” chant as evidenced by them trying to borrow it in the rare opportunities delivered by the Falcon offense.  Plus they absolutely loved our Section 218 War Chant after our lone touchdown.Speaking of, a fellow 218er two rows back made it a point to come down and tell us how much she loved our chant that we started and how inspirational it has become.  It is official, we have become the pulse of the Jaguar Nation.  Apparently, alcohol is a helluva drug.

The jury is still out on Dave Garrard.  He still has trouble locating the open man and sometimes holds on to the ball too long.  But, through all of the trash we talked during the game, by the end of the fourth quarter we looked up and Dave threw for nearly 300 yards!  Now we just need to finish drives.Mike Peterson and Darryl Smith are pure D hell who I believe get a personal thrill of knocking the spirit out of the enemy.  Ask Warrick Dunn who was punished by Mike P after bobbling a pass in the flat.

Speaking of spirit, I was thrilled to see John Henderson and the defensive line get crunked up to the signature “Might Getchya.”  That was missing from last week’s action when we made the Titan’s Chris Brown look like a hall of famer.  The difference was evident in their play.Jaxson DeVille is the greatest mascot in professional sports!  If you want to debate, ask yourself this, does your mascot do a front flip bungee jump off of the stadium’s light fixture?  Jaxson does and I haven’t even spoken about the times he has hang glided in, parachuted, or the other mascots he abuses on a weekly basis for pure entertainment value.

One time to Jack Del Rio for going for it on 4th and short near midfield with 9 minutes and some change remaining.  Instead of playing the conservative route we went for it, got it, burned another 5-6 minutes off the clock and added 3 points.  Good call coach!No time to the Park & Ride system who had a good thing going.  Why did they take away the convenient locations of the K-Mart on Beach or the Town & Country Plaza on University?  Now you have to drive practically to the stadium at Kings Plaza to jump on a bus.  What sense does this make?

Ironically, I just came back from Atlanta where I was invited by Konsole Kingz and Microsoft to preview Halo 3.  Ordinarily, I stick to Madden, NCAA, and Grand Theft Auto but I’m here to tell you Halo is extremely addicting.  In my first real encounter with the series I’m hooked, and I’m not just saying that because they gave me a limited edition Halo Xbox 360, it truly is a great game.  Besides, I love the commercials with everyone yelling in a different language as their characters are murked in the killing fields.  Until you play the game, you’ll never understand how true to life that spot is.Blessings to my pops who has come off the injured reserve list with a vengeance by attending the past three home games when his initial prognosis wasn’t pretty.  Section 218 wouldn’t be the same without you!

Notes from the Titans game:

The Jaguar picture guy took a great picture of us that is available online.  It’s a great hustle Jaguars.I noticed a fan take their old Leftwich jersey and transform the 7 into a 9 through creative use of tape.  I believe fellow 218er Shane has the best attitude in regards to our former leader, “he came here, did his best and never disrespected the city or us (as fans).  We shouldn’t disrespect him.”  Best of luck in your future endeavors and thanks for everything!

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