Bill Clinton has a dream during MLK speech

January 22nd, 2008

This the last thing for the MLK day posts…Come on Bill!!!!!
During an appearance at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem, the former president seemed to get a little sleepy.

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The 9 Most Racist Disney Characters

January 22nd, 2008

Working on MLK Day? Then you will probably appreciate this article. Racist.

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Music Industry Gets An Injunction Against Rapidshare

January 21st, 2008

In March 2007, a court ruled that Rapidshare could be held responsible for copyright violations committed by users who uploaded copyrighted material to their servers. Now, a body that administers many copyrights for the music industry has obtained an injunction against and

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SHAWTY REDD - A Beat Machine

January 8th, 2008

Shawty Redd

By: Keith Kennedy –

Have you heard of Shawty Redd?  If not, the last time it was checked he was the man on these beats.  For years, he has provided the musical backbone for numerous hip-hop megastars such as Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, Juvenile and so many others.  So, the chances are you have heard this multi-platinum producer long before you ever heard his name.  But, with an upcoming album and a hard earned understanding of the game, the Shawty Redd name will be echoing through the passage of time for many years to come.

What was your first breakthrough?

I was with a company called Twinn Productions and Raheem the Dream [CEO, Tight 2 Def] came through one day looking for beats with an artist named Drama and we came up with “Left Right Left.”

How did you get started making beats?

I was focused on doing beats to keep me out of trouble.  I already knew the piano and drums from playing in church.  So I started doing tracks at the crib and people started coming through.  Whenever I would get a check, I would buy equipment.

Did you expect the Drama record to breakthrough?

I wasn’t expecting to drop a song in my city [Atlanta] and have it blow up the way it did.  One day me and Drama were passing out CDs at the high schools and then they called up talking about a deal. 

How did you link with Jeezy?

I linked with Jeezy right after working with Drama.  We did a song as soon as he got out called “G8” but they never released it.  In fact, we did a few albums before “Thug Motivation” came out.  So, we’ve always worked together.

To tell the truth I was a studio geek.  I had a studio in a club called NV so me and Jeezy was always together.  We hung out every day.  It was like big bruh, little bruh at the time so we was always on the strip club scene.  When he was in the studio, I was in the studio.  I’d do a beat and go to the club and he’d be still in there working cuz he really wanted to do the rap thing.

How did you two come up with the concepts and sound for “Thug Motivation?”

We knew how each other work.  He knew I’d like to make custom beats, so me and him would sit down and I’d play something for him.  I already knew what beat pattern he wanted so that part was easy.  As long as I hit the right keys and played something that hit him like on some street stuff, it was all good; it’s a hit record.  We worked really hard on that album.

If you two worked so well on the first album, why didn’t you have as many tracks on the second album?

To be honest, Def Jam wanted to have Jeezy reach the people that he didn’t on the first album.  We tried to come so hard to match the first album but the label didn’t want to use the songs me and Jeezy came up with because they were too hard.

In retrospect, was it a good decision?

Tell you the truth, I think it was a good business move because he was able to catch people he didn’t the first time.  But we gotta go hard on this third album.

Who else have you worked with?

Juvenile and so many other cats that I can’t tell you.  I just did the Snoop record called “Sexual Eruption.”  That was a good blessing.

That’s a big tune, how did that come about?

Snoop heard my “Drifter” song and he tried to buy it but I was like “man, I gotta keep this one for myself.  You can get on it or I can make another one for you.”  He said, “do what you do.”  An hour went by and I sent him the [“Sexual Eruption”] record.  He said, “I love it.  I’mma auto tune this up and keep it just like it is.  I ain’t changin’ nothing.”  Two more hours he hit the studio, sent it back, and I had it playing in the strip clubs that night.

How long does it take for you to make a beat?

It only takes me about 15 minutes to make a beat.  The beat part is nothing, that’s the easy part.  I like dealing with the artist and once he tells me he likes something, it’s a wrap.

Once I can find a good drum track for an artist that they can ride on, I’mma put my keys on it and blend what my style is with theirs so we can make a hit record.

What is the difference between a producer and a beatmaker?

With a beat maker, you shoot me a check and I’ll send you a beat and we call it a day.  But, I’m a producer, I’ll sit and work with you and say you should come in like this.  You’re representing me at the same time and I got something to prove so I try to make it a hit.

What are you trying to prove to the world?

I want the world to know that I’m a real producer.  When I did the Drama record, a lot of people didn’t know that I produced the whole album.  So when the game changed, the labels try to say that I was just a dirty south producer and they wouldn’t fuck with me.  So this is my second chance and I don’t want to get caught up in the same predicament so that’s why I did tracks like the Snoop record to show that I’m a real producer and not just a Southern producer.

What makes you want to keep a track or give it away?

To be honest, it depends on how big the check is [laughs].  I done gave out a couple of hard beats to your favorite rappers, but I’m not doing that no more cuz I’m working on my own album.

Tell us about it.

It’s called “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.”  It’s coming out of Atlanta like a Kanye but a little more grimy, ya know?  I’m giving the people what they expect of Shawty Redd and I’mma give them the unexpected.

Speaking of the unexpected, word is that you are searching for other producers to lay the tracks for your album.  Why is that?

I wanna give good producers an opportunity to get out there with their own production.

What is considered success for you?

I want to get my recognition as a producer, writer, and artist.  Success is when I’m sitting in one of those big offices like a JD or LA Reid.  I want one of them positions because a lot of executives aren’t working these artists the right way.  There’s a lot of good artists out there and they need somebody who can show them how it’s supposed to be done.  I can link with the streets as well as with the industry.

How would you direct a project?

I’mma give it a 110%, I’m a producer so I know what a hit record sounds like.  When you have an artist with a good work ethic that wants it like you want it then you’re gonna get that hit record.  A lot of artists have a hit record, but the label is scared and wants to hold off until they get that come behind record.  I feel like you should drop a record while it’s hot.  They’re messing with people’s dreams.  We came out the streets to do this music and they’re not doing it the right way.  See, I came from the streets and I know the business.

Who would you have on your album living or dead?

I’d put Prince on my album [laughs].  Or Al Green, Marvin Gaye or somebody like that and Tupac.

Word is you were just in a car crash.  How are you holding up?

Yeah, I was just in a head on collision on October 25 so right now I’m on these crutches.  Right now, I’m trying to record, finish my album and still be in the strip club trying to keep these ladies satisfied [laughs].

Has the crash changed your outlook on life?

It’s made me more focused.  I really wasn’t taking my business serious.  But, I didn’t really have faith before now but I feel like I must be here for a reason.

What is the power and allure of Atlanta strip clubs for you?

In the Atlanta strip clubs, it’s outrageous.  First, the DJ just puts the record on because it’s hot.  It’s not like in the regular club, you can test your records in the strip club any time you want if you tip the girls to dance on it and look out for the DJ if need be.  That’s how all my records done blowed up first, from the strip club.

Is that how “Drifter” started blowing up for you?

The Drifter record got leaked right after they debuted “Turn It Up” and the radio started playing it.  Plus with the Jeezy records it was like the Shawty Redd show.

As an artist/producer how do you prevent leaks of your music?

Now I keep everything with me, I keep my hard drive with me so I won’t worry about leaks.  But, if it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have a number one record with Snoop right now.  So everything happens for a reason.

What do you do in your down time to relax or get inspiration?

I get inspiration from video games.  I just listen to the music, there’s some crazy music in the background like from Devil May Cry or Assassin’s Creed.  I’ve got all the systems.

Any words of wisdom for the up and comers out there?

Stay focused and know your business before you get in this music game.  Thanks to all of the DJs for playing my records.

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TJ’s DJ’s @ The BET Hip-Hop Awards

October 16th, 2007

First, let me start by saying that I was particularly excited about being able to attend the 2nd Annual BET Hip-Hop Awards on October 13.  The ticket could not be purchased at the box office and the only way to score a seat was to know somebody who knew somebody who was selling their ticket (I heard reports from $150-3000 depending on the section).  Fortunately, I work at the greatest music source known to recent man and I know TJ so I had two.  Good lookin’ out, homie!

Seeing that it was our Director of Operations, Dior George’s birthday (one time for all of the Libras!) I gave her the extra ticket.  The only issue with that was she was stuck in traffic surrounding the civic center.  And BET’s security had the whole block on lock where you couldn’t even turn onto Piedmont, the street of the venue.  So, I left my friend at the red carpet on Piedmont and had to walk down a block to meet her at the bottle necked intersection of McGill and Courtland.  (Keep in mind that she was still in her car surrounded by other cars stuck in traffic).  So, I’m thinking ok, cool now I just turn back around and walk back to the venue.  Wrong!  Apparently, the ticket that I’ve been using as a pass to get through security no longer was relevant to the cops blocking the pathways.  I was crudely directed to walk down two more blocks to Pine St then walk back up one to get back to Piedmont.  By the time I get to this check point I’m heated having to do all of this walking for no reason while my people are waiting for me at the red carpet on Piedmont.  I show the gate people my ticket and walk through make a quick right to walk down Piedmont to get back to my people and I hear security shouting at someone. 

I knew he wasn’t talking to me because I just showed my ticket, so I know I’m good.  I keep walking trying to catch my friend by phone to let them know I’m on my way.  I get halfway down the walk and I hear a boisterous voice directed just behind my shoulder, “hey, I know you hear me talking to you!” I turn around to see this broad shouldered security guard in a black suit chasing me down.  Apparently, I was not allowed to go down this street either. 

He gruffly explains that I was to go back the way I came and enter the gates of the venue.  But, I try to tell him, I have people waiting for me this way.  He states, “I don’t care you need to go this way.” So I reluctantly follow, but I stop to make a call to my people to try and establish a new rally point.  As I’m stopping to make the call, he says “keep going, you’re a security risk.”  Feeling my blood pressure begin to boil, I loudly reply “how in the hell am I a security risk when I helped make most of these stars?!!”  He apparently wasn’t thrilled at my hard work because when I posted up on the street light, he said “that’s it, now you’re exit is this way” and pointed at the barricades with the general public who weren’t going in.  And then I noticed the police heading my direction who weren’t interested in hearing a fair side of the exchange. 

By this point, Dior is at the public barricade with her ticket asking me what is the situation.  I give her a brief recap and tell dude, “I’m not trying to disrespect you but dawg, y’all got me going all over the city for no reason and all I wanted to do was get back to where I started.”  He came back with, “I don’t really care cuz at the end of the day, I’m going home.”  I replied, “cool, well I’m going to the BET awards and promptly walked to the venue entrance.

And that’s how I almost got kicked out of the awards before I even got in.  Btw, Grey Goose is a helluva drug.

Now to the award show, please allow for an absence for the first hour of the show due to the activities above.

- First, let me give respect where it’s due.  The BET Hip-Hop awards were a very precisely run production.  The show segments were fluid and you weren’t allowed to enter the auditorium unless it was during a commercial break.  Plus, the set with the bass bins was on point.  As a vet of two major award shows, I respect the gangsta.

- Lil Wayne’s performance with the fire pyrotechnics was a true indication that this man is the fireman.  Don’t sleep, Lil Wayne is in a great zone right now and if you are a lover of hip-hop, you gotta be a fan of Wayne.  The best part was after his performance, when he returned to his seat Baby was giving him a hyped speech similar to when you would make a big play on the field and your teammates come to congratulate you.  It was a great scene!

- David Banner’s state of hip-hop speech should be rewound several times just to fully grasp the points he made.  And the exclamation of holding Mike Vick’s jersey high in the sky elicited a rousing applause from the audience. 

- In the astonishing moment of the evening, Wyclef jokingly interjected Haitian Fresh’s name as winner of the lyricist of the year.  I know Wyclef just signed Fresh and all, but he’s got some growing to do before he’s in the same class as Wayne, Jay-Z, and Common. Fresh should have won the award for most undercover appearances.  Dude was on the stage everytime Lil Wayne or Cash Money won (which was often) plus his mascot roamed the hallways (which by the way, is an excellent promotional tool-good thinking Fresh!).

- Nelly’s female drummline was cool and his set was hot, but I was left wondering where’s that Nelly swag I’ve come to appreciate from his records.

- Oooh, Bob Johnson walked up our aisle and was only a few feet away!  It was the first time I was this close to a billionaire.  I wonder if he cleans his glasses with hundred dollar bills.

- The “Wipe Me Down” car that rolled onto the set was clean.  Especially with the checkered girls making sure by literally, “wiping it down.”  Boosie gave his usuall crowd pleasing verse, but what happend to Webbie’s verse?

- The saddest part of the show came when “Big Things Poppin” came on with Wyclef doing a solo performance because of TI’s troubles that happened only hours before.  Wyclef’s stirring rendition of the national anthem by guitar was met with a lighter moment of “TI” making an appearance looking strangely like Katt Williams who did push-ups a la the “Poppin” video

- You know it’s not a hip-hop awards show without someone playing the ball under the cup version of 3 card monty in the bathroom.

- Pimp C was noticebly absent.  I hope he had a good reason and I hope that it had nothing with the shame of discrediting the A who has been so good to him.

- KRS-1 had a quotable in his I Am Hip-Hop Award “because of hip-hop, you can go from nothing to something using your mind.”

- Michael Eric Dyson spit a verse.  Which prompted a discussion with the preacher from Philly who now resides in Boston who sat in the row in front of me.  He told me about how he was present when MED got bitched up by Suge about using Tupac’s legacy to spring board his career.  A point of which I was happy to hear the story of.  For the record, I have no problem with intellectuals speaking on the world of hip-hop, I just don’t like the leacherous types who do it for the sake of making a buck.

- Cornell West, a true hip-hop intellectual spoke well about the spirit of hip-hop.

- Playaz Circle murked the stage with Lil Wayne live on “Duffle Bag Boy” plus an added bonus of Ludacris spitting his remixed verse took it to another level.

- 2 members of the Jena 6 came through and spoke to the people.  Their speech is the exact reason why we should dedicate more money to our schools.

- Another shocking moment was when Kanye’s “Stronger” video won over UGK’s “International Playa.”  I believe everyone in the building thought UGK should have won including Kanye who tried to give the award to UGK & Outkast.  This noble act was well received by Big Boi who gave the award back.

- Overall, the award show was fun to watch but noticebly missing Jeezy, T-Pain, and Plies.  But, no matter how well you do, there’s room for improvement.  Kudos to the BET staff who put together a great show!

- No time for the hip-hop police who got a great kick out of arresting T.I. hours before the show to make a statement.  Understand, I’m not advocating the breaking of laws, but you don’t have to take so much joy in bringing down one of our successful bretheren.  In fact, I caught one cop making jokes about it.  No worries, though what you will never understand is that hip-hop was bourne from the struggle so the more you struggle against it, the stronger we become.

Keith “1st Prophet” Kennedy

SECTION 218: Jaguars vs Falcons

September 18th, 2007

September 16, 2007In the NFL, you only need one point to win the game.  Thankfully, the Jaguars were just proficient enough to put up 13.  Even better, the Falcons could only post 7 including two missed chip shots that could have tied the game. 

This week we were joined by four Falcon fans that traveled from Atlanta in order to attempt an injection of hope in an otherwise bleak outlook upon their season.  When quizzed about the handling of the Michael Vick saga, the reply was “the charge wasn’t serious enough to take away a man’s living.  PETA has lost my donation.”  They were especially amused by our first down “move the chains” chant as evidenced by them trying to borrow it in the rare opportunities delivered by the Falcon offense.  Plus they absolutely loved our Section 218 War Chant after our lone touchdown.Speaking of, a fellow 218er two rows back made it a point to come down and tell us how much she loved our chant that we started and how inspirational it has become.  It is official, we have become the pulse of the Jaguar Nation.  Apparently, alcohol is a helluva drug.

The jury is still out on Dave Garrard.  He still has trouble locating the open man and sometimes holds on to the ball too long.  But, through all of the trash we talked during the game, by the end of the fourth quarter we looked up and Dave threw for nearly 300 yards!  Now we just need to finish drives.Mike Peterson and Darryl Smith are pure D hell who I believe get a personal thrill of knocking the spirit out of the enemy.  Ask Warrick Dunn who was punished by Mike P after bobbling a pass in the flat.

Speaking of spirit, I was thrilled to see John Henderson and the defensive line get crunked up to the signature “Might Getchya.”  That was missing from last week’s action when we made the Titan’s Chris Brown look like a hall of famer.  The difference was evident in their play.Jaxson DeVille is the greatest mascot in professional sports!  If you want to debate, ask yourself this, does your mascot do a front flip bungee jump off of the stadium’s light fixture?  Jaxson does and I haven’t even spoken about the times he has hang glided in, parachuted, or the other mascots he abuses on a weekly basis for pure entertainment value.

One time to Jack Del Rio for going for it on 4th and short near midfield with 9 minutes and some change remaining.  Instead of playing the conservative route we went for it, got it, burned another 5-6 minutes off the clock and added 3 points.  Good call coach!No time to the Park & Ride system who had a good thing going.  Why did they take away the convenient locations of the K-Mart on Beach or the Town & Country Plaza on University?  Now you have to drive practically to the stadium at Kings Plaza to jump on a bus.  What sense does this make?

Ironically, I just came back from Atlanta where I was invited by Konsole Kingz and Microsoft to preview Halo 3.  Ordinarily, I stick to Madden, NCAA, and Grand Theft Auto but I’m here to tell you Halo is extremely addicting.  In my first real encounter with the series I’m hooked, and I’m not just saying that because they gave me a limited edition Halo Xbox 360, it truly is a great game.  Besides, I love the commercials with everyone yelling in a different language as their characters are murked in the killing fields.  Until you play the game, you’ll never understand how true to life that spot is.Blessings to my pops who has come off the injured reserve list with a vengeance by attending the past three home games when his initial prognosis wasn’t pretty.  Section 218 wouldn’t be the same without you!

Notes from the Titans game:

The Jaguar picture guy took a great picture of us that is available online.  It’s a great hustle Jaguars.I noticed a fan take their old Leftwich jersey and transform the 7 into a 9 through creative use of tape.  I believe fellow 218er Shane has the best attitude in regards to our former leader, “he came here, did his best and never disrespected the city or us (as fans).  We shouldn’t disrespect him.”  Best of luck in your future endeavors and thanks for everything!

Racial Profiling or Preventive Fashion Statement?

September 17th, 2007

Check this out -

Several communities including Atlanta are making it illegal to sport baggy jeans that show draws punishable by fines and/or jail time.  Is this another example of the hip-hop crackdown or is it simply politicians are tired of seeing underwear walking down the street?  What’s your opinion?

Keith “1st Prophet”


Competition Is Good For Hip-Hop

September 11th, 2007

We have a saying around the office that says, “competition breeds excellence.”  If you have the strength to be successful, competition is healthy because it keeps your edge.  It forces you to step your game up and produce bigger and better things.  That’s why I’m delighted to see 50 Cent and Kanye West go head to head for the #1 spot on the sales chart this week.  What’s even better is that we’re discussing hip-hop acts top the charts ahead of country artists like Kenny Chesney.  That says alot about the commercial viability of our beloved genre.  I also appreciate the fact that 50 and Kanye have approached this as a competition and not a beef. 

Best of luck to 50 and Ye and I hope you both continue to live the good life for many years to come.  Just keep putting out that great music!

A Little Late, But Right On Time 8/29/07

August 29th, 2007

Ok, today’s segment of A Little Late, But Right On Time deals with the movie franchise “Saw.”  I know it’s been around for a minute, but I haven’t had a chance to check it out until I ran across Best Buy having a $4 DVD sale which included Saw 1 & 2.  And who can resist $4 DVDs?  I know a movie junkie like myself couldn’t let it pass without scooping those titles, plus Crash, Belly, and a weird Japanese psycho thriller, Audition.  But, I digress.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed Saw 1 and 2 for the different approach that it brought to the theme of live everyday as if it is your last.  I felt that althought Jigsaw’s methods were a tad extreme, I understand the point he was making.  Life is too short to not appreciate the gift we are given.  Too many times we say, I know I need to do this, but never mind, I’ll get it tomorrow.  What if tomorrow never comes?  Or what if the person you’ve been thinking about calling isn’t on Earth the next day?  As they say, tomorrow isn’t promised so take advantage today.  Carpe diem!

Btw, I thought Saw 3 was just ok compared to the other two.  I didn’t like the choices made by the husband plus the story line made him seem pathetic and weak willed.  In addition, the whole movie seemed as if it was a mandatory rerun without the imagination of the first two episodes (although the rack was pretty cool).

Thanks for reading,

Keith “1st Prophet”

New ATL artist B.O.B. signs deal with Atlantic Records

October 4th, 2006

Check out B.O.B.’s latest single called “Cloud 9″ 

Download B.O.B. “Cloud 9″