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    Life The Great dropping a new song everyday in July..juLife

    ..more details at www.myspace.com/lifethegreat
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    Producers, Djs,Graphic Designers, Film editers.You need this

    I just got a connect with every (and I mean EVERY) piece of software you need to take your craft to the next level for the low!!! Not only that, but how about we are making HYBRID laptops over here too! What's a hybrid laptop you ask? Imagine having Mac OSX and Windows XP installed on one laptop...
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    I need that oldschool Southern Hip Hop!! Drive crashed

    I dont know how many of you were here when I posted like 50 oldschool south joints. Then I smashed on Dirty South Radio with all classics! Well now your guy needs help! My drive crashed and all is gone (well im on the rebound now) and I need all of that 2 live crew, ADE, Kilo, Raheem, 69 Boys...
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    In case you didnt know. here's a great place 2 share mp3s

    www.gigatribe.com my man kapital kev put me on and its serious! It's P2p except you choose who gets and gives you music (So basically all dj's). run over there create an ID and come back here to drop it off so we can add eachother. My ID is antoniostarr (of course) Let's Rock ...and I need...
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    it's been a min. fame & i need 3 mins of your time

    Not sure how many of you have heard of famecast.com but it's a little online talent/reality show that gives away $10k to winners (selected by online voters). Anyway your time will be reward (karma) if you would click over to this link http://famecast.com/lifethegreat register and vote for us. We...
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    Life The Great - Life's Mysteries (God Bless The Dead)

    First let me give you the back story on this record... All verses are 100% real about 2 of Life's friends that have lost lives, but this record (I think) will touch everyone that has lost someone. Also the young kid you will hear on the hook is 7 years old and he saw the aftermath of his uncle...
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    *New* Life The Great - Willie Lynch "Rap Star" see u @ da S.E.A's & Tj's Dj's

    *New* Life The Great - Willie Lynch "Rap Star" see u @ da S.E.A's & Tj's Dj's This shit here is riding!! If you know Life The Great then you know that you have to check the lyrics first and foremost, but my man came hard with the track (can't front). I uploaded it to Z-Share so you can...
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    We need an official show DJ in Atlanta

    We are looking for a Dj for Life The Great for all future shows both in and out of town. The idea candidate would have a little bit of turntablism as well has crowd hyping ability. He/She (she would be great) will also need there own equipment CDJ (Serato would be great) All candidates please...
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    Any Dj's in or around London England Let's Work!!

    Urban Acres Entertainment will been in your area for 2 weeks starting on July 21st and we want to make all the connects we can. Coming through clubs studio stations whatever. Let's Work Antonio Starr 770.356.6801 a.starr@urbanacres.com
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    Life The Great - Beat Boi (Let's get ready for Summer)

    So we are on the road passing through Kansas.....hooked up with some young producers out of nowhere went back got a beat....two days later this record is born. Beat Boi - Yep Man http://download.yousendit.com/D0AC8F015CD1A7A8 Rapidshare http://rapidshare.de/files/18461103/Beat_Boi.mp3.html
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    Life The Great - Another Level *****

    You have no idea the privilege you all are being afforded right now. You better be saving these rookie cards in your digital archives so when you say "Yeah Life The Great I broke him in my market" it will be the truth. At this point my confidence level is in the outer Stratosphere so it's...
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    Life The Great - Hustle and Flow

    I had to drop this little tid bit from Life The Great since it's been a whole minute. I did something wrong while encoding it so forgive that. Either way I had to leak this sermon mainly because I am Life's number one fan and it doesn't hurt that this record is so so real. He is basically...
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    Life The Great - What You Talkin Bout Produced by: Bangladesh!!

    Life The Great and the great Shondrae colab one night and next thing we know we have this. We really need you feedback on this record!!!! Currently we are thinking about running two singles this one for the streets/hardcore and the Hypnotics for the clubs/ladies. Anyway I present to you...
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    Tj asked for the Producers to step up now I need some of those beats!!!

    We have a few things percolating on our side that will put us in a position to not only expand our brand and expose our product to a GRAND scale, but we will be able to offer this pipeline to the world as well. First and foremost the priority right now is Life The Great and the album we plan...
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    Lastnights show was one of the best yet!!listen

    I put it down for my folk C. Wakeley and Blood Raw! I had to go back in my stash and play my favorite Blood Raw record to date. I also paid Homage to the most creative Dj's ever!!! EVER!! The infamous Jam Pony Express!! All of you "mixtape" Dj's really need to do your knowledge on the JPE and...