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    "Swing" Remix by Hardnox [Stream]

    pretty cool remix of swing by the hardnox http://vodpod.com/watch/1287580-savage-swing-remixed-by-hardnox Didn't see this pop up anywhere in the search, lets see what everyone thinks
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    Reducing sound from blankets

    I'm living in an apartment most of the time now and would like to be able to have my volume cranked pretty high to dj without bothering my roommates so much. Has anyone had any experience with these soundblankets...
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    Rane TTM56 volume

    Well I recently picked up the Rane 56, in place of the Ecler Nuo 3 and it seems like the sound output isn't as high as the Nuo. Had my first gig earlier with the 56, using 1/4 in to 1/4 in and I felt like I had to crank it pretty high to get it at the right volume. Any thoughts on this or am I...
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    Anyone have the MBT Hazer HZ100?

    The MBT Hazer HZ100 looks like one of the more affordable, decent hazer out there, so I'm looking into it Anyone have experience with it?
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    Any Las Vegas Djs on here

    Are there any Las Vegas djs on here or anyone that knows someone? I know there are threads on how to make it into the clubs and all, just wondering what else there is to it to make it in Vegas - the route a Vegas Dj took to get there...
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    Florida: places to go, things to see

    Will be going to Florida mid next month. Just wondering if there are any recommended places to go, take pics, party. We will be in the ft. lauderdale, miami, and key west areas. thanks
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    What company made this blend...

    This blend with Michael Jackon's "Do You Remember" acapella w/ Cheryl Lynn's "Got To Be Real" Instrumental I'm wondering if anyone knows what company did this one so I can try to find it Thanks
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    Anyone have experience w/ Hydrawire

    Hey all, I put in my order Dec. 20th of 2006, just about a month ago for the 1200 RCA kit and have not received anything. I have e-mailed and called them, but haven't been able to get through. Just wondering if anyone has ordered anything from http://www.hydrawire.com
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    Cheaplights.com - good or bad?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever ordered any lights from www.cheaplights.com before. Looking to buy lights soon.
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    FS: Yorkville Excursion 2 - PA System

    Yorkville Excursion 2 - PA System 5 Months old, only used it for 2 gigs. Selling it because I don't need a sub right now and will be getting 2 powered speakers. Asking for $1800 OBO. http://www.directproaudio.com/product.cfm?directid=55610 aim SN: asdf54
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    House Party Risks Involved

    Hey, I was wondering what the risks are involved in djing a typical house party. Specifically w/ noise and disturbing the peace. Also for djs who are 21+, what risks do you have when djing a party w/ underaged drinking? I am thinking about having a contract for the person to pay for if I get...
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    Help Identify a song please

    Need a little help identifying a song, heres a clip I recorded off some stream: http://www.filegone.com/gamp
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    K-Young - Happy Together

    K-Young - Happy Together http://rapidshare.de/files-en/640954/K_Young_-_Happy_Together.mp3.html