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    Toestah - Main Chicks

    Hellooooo :) It's been ages again since my last login, but ya'll know I only come in here if I have a great song to post that hasn't been posted already :) I've been promoting Toestah for a minute now and he has so much talent - I'm really proud of him. This song really grew on me. CCCCCHECK...
  2. Brittie

    Like a G6 - Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs & Dev

    another track from my boys, the Far East Movement! & i ain't gonna lie. this is HOT and I'm feelin it wayyy more than Girls on the Dance Floor AND 2 is better. club bangerrrrr forsure (yeaaa, this isn't an R&B track and I posted it in the R&B section, but I think this is the most checked section...
  3. Brittie

    Jojo - How You Did It (Produced by Darkchild)

    rawrrrrrrrrr, it's been ages since I've been in here! thought I'd post a track real quick before I went into hibernation again ahaha. : ) New from Jojo! agh, I love her!!! She's always been one of my favorites. All her tracks from her anticipated album "All I Want is Everything", are leaking...
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    Toestah ft. LeToya - Love RollerCoaster

    Hey ladies & gents ;) I know it's been a looooonnnnng minute since I've been up in here, but I hope now I'll be back more often. This song is a remix my friend Toestah did. Personally, I love it and this track has been on repeat all day. Toestah has grown so much over the years and I couldn't...
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    Drake - Friends with Money (prod. by Tommy Gunnz)

    As some of you might know, Drake's first single off of THANK ME LATER leaked entitled: "Friends With Money." Many blogs have wrongfully been crediting DEEZLE with production. But this record was in fact produced by 17 year old, Tommy Gunnz (of The Trafficker Management). Tommy is a member of The...
  6. Brittie

    D-Sepshun ft. Chris Brown - Oh Baby

    A friend of mine, D-sepshun, did his version of Chris Brown's "One Mo Gin" and I reallllllly reallllllllly love this. I can't get enough of this track. D-SePsHuN is a 4 year veteran, born and raised in the Bay Area. He's signed to NewBirth/Sony KES/Mass Adapt Records. He has Released 1 promo...
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    Deepside is now "GIT FRESH"!!!

    Hey m'loves. I know it's been a minute since I been on here. Looks like things haven't changed though ;). still my dope tj fam. first off I'd like to congratulate DJ 2 MELLO on his Justo Nomination !! =) www.themixtapeawardsonline.com ... & the radio I work for ALSO got nominated, so YAY for...
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    Toestah - Here We Go ft. Mona Liza

    Haven't posted anything in ages. This track is by my friend Toestah and features Mona Liza. Hot beat, could be better without the random talking in the end, but according to Toestah, it was because Mona Liza was talking in the booth rather than singing and they decided to keep it in the track...
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    Dear Jayne - Rain (Prod. by B. Cox)

    Here's some female R&B for the fam. :) Don't worry, this is not in between pop and r&b. This 3 girl group reminds me of Cherish, in a way because their sound and style is similar. So this song kinda sounds like Cherish's slower songs, give it a listen & tell me what you think...
  10. Brittie

    Gia Farrell - Obvious

    Really like this song for some reason. It's an upbeat track & I have a feeling the girls are gonna like this. I REAAAAALLY like the lyrics. probably cause I can relate? *lol, yes it's girly pop/r&b Soulchild. but hey, some girls dig it! and for the boys, well .. She's pretty cute ;) I'd have...
  11. Brittie

    August - Goin' Crazy

    Sexyyyy song. I love almost everything from August haha :P check this out, the beat is really nice and his vocals are always good. props to andresito. http://www.sendspace.com/file/elxnut http://www.myspace.com/augustrigo
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    Mateo - In Love with Love

    hi fam :). school bites. someone kidnap me and take me to Disneyland for a week. :D. kthnx. anyways, try to ignore the annoying drops and enjoy the song :). personally, i think it's pretty good, but everyone has their own taste. so just take a listen and tell me what you think. I think this...
  13. Brittie

    Che'Nelle - 2nd Nature

    One of the slower tracks that I really like off her album, Things Happen For a Reason :). "Loving you is like second nature nothing could compare you're like no other." ZSHARE SPEEDYSHARE & leave feedback cause you know I love it :).
  14. Brittie

    K-Smith - I Gotchu

    I like this a lot =) Something about it..whether it be the beat or vocals, I'm feelin` it. DOWNLOAD & leave feedback.
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    Nehemiah - I Met You

    Some people are gonna like this more than others. Personally, I like it. It grew on me, and you all know how that goes. haha. DOWNLOAD it and tell me what you think. Pretty smooth, nice beat.