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    Dallas flow magazine

    Wassup fam...been a while since I've been here. We have a upstart magazine called Dallas Flow Magazine in the DFW area. This magazine gives an outlet to arts and entertainment in the Dallas-Ft Worth areas. Since we are online, its not really just the DFW Metroplex now. So if you are an up &...
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    Connected game radio podcast

    Wassup famo...here are some sets we've done, they're kinda old, but good...Listen at work, comment, check it out...Thanx...Enjoy...download if you want from the site... One time for Brian T for the drops from years ago...preeshate ya playboy! http://connectedgameradio.mypodcast.com/ click link
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    What Was She Thinking?? (video) Lol

    Some of y'all may have seen this, but somebody just sent this to me...lol I don't know what was on ol girl's mind, but I bet she won't do that shit again...lol Just watch...lol :D :D :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPsNi1k8Df4
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    Damn D/nfl-love Me *hot Dallas Single*

    I'm really diggin' this joint!!! The Pimp C hook alone sells the single. I've seen this work out here in Dallas clubs pretty good. Drop some feedback on this...awready! (sorry if this has been posted already, I searched but didnt see it) Also, what song by UGK is this hook from? I can't think...
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    New Group-hardknock Hustlas-feedback Needed

    Wassup fam...I got a group out of the Midwest, Michigan City, IN/Chicagoland area called Hardknock Hustlas, Petey Pimpin & B.Rose. They are trying to get their music out, so here are a few joints off of their upcoming mixtape. If you feel something sounds good, feel free to drop them in your...
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    SONG ID PLEASE: Gucci Mane-Pillz remix??

    One of my boys gave me this single, & he said it was a remix of Pillz by Gucci Mane. I don't know for sure. It has a drop in it, can't tell what they're saying sounds like Drama. Is this a remix? If it is, does anyone have this without the drop? If its not a remix, please tell me the name of...
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    Connected Game Mixshow*****

    It's been a long time family, but I'm back into it... One time for all the djs whose work I have listened to over the years & have used as a source of inspiration to get back out here & do this thang. I fully respect what you do. Keep holdin it down on the 1's & 2's. DJ Crank DJ Brian T DJ...
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    Need some hlep with Adobe Audition/CEP

    Check it out... I have searched the board for info on how to use AA/CEP, & found some good help, but for some reason, what I'm trying to accomplish, I can't get done & maybe somebody can help me out... When I record mixes, I usually record into Soundforge. Reason being, I've been using that...
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    Wassup, I just wanted to give out some new info to my TJ'sDj's fam... I am NO LONGER affiliated with my former organization Silent Money Entertainment/Produktionz anymore for reasons beyond my control. I had to go my separate way & do other ventures. However... I am with a new affiliation...
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    Chicago House Music Fans

    Here's a lil mix for all my Chicago house music fans...a few "slips" but enjoy!!! One for the hometown... http://rapidshare.de/files/15609361/Chi-Town_LIVE_In_45___.mp3.html FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED
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    For All The Turntablist-(video Inside)

    DAMMIT I'M JEALOUS!!!!!! lol!!! I never was big on doing a whole lot of scratching, although I dig it. I always focused on beatmatching, very minimal scratching. Watching this will make you wanna become a turntablist if you're not one...We've all seen this cat in action one time or another...
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    All Djs...check This Out!!! (video Inside)

    Now, everybody on here who knows me, knows that through all the debating of vinyl vs. cds decks vs. computer/software, I've always expressed the fact of "do what you feel is comfortable to you" & not give a damn what no one says. Although I love all of the formats, I started on vinyl myself...
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    Playerz Perspective-tha Mixtape

    Just a lil sumthin I put together...a lil r&b, a lil rap, a lil old school... Enjoy!!... http://s7.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0GDCQQRBVG0P73QC5C219BK3KU
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    Request: Drops/tracks From Independents

    Wassup fam...I would greatly appreciate if I could get some drops from my fam. I'm workin on a mix, & I need some drops from the cats & ladies, djs, & artists here on the board. If y'all know anybody doin drops, that's not on here, let me know too...lol. You can make them how you want, just...
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    BACK TO SCHOOL BASH!!!!-feat. Blazed & Shana B.

    If you're in the Gary-Chicago area, Saturday January 7, 2006 come out to Bennigans on 5th ave. in Gary & check out r&b group BLAZED performing their single "Midwest Girls" which will be in rotation on Chicago's Power 92 radio station. Also performing is Shana B. with her current single "Alright"...