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    Lmfao Vs. Dj Jamz - I'm In Miami Bitch [Hard Electro Remix]

    daaaaamn tjsdjs its been a while but im back with a crazy mix of I'm In Miami Bitch by Lmfao all u electro heads gonna love this...plz leave a comment after u hear the track :) http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/21699701/file.html
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    E-40 - Tell me When To Go (Double Mix) Dj Jamz

    i know its a bit old but jus had to make a double mix for the hottest song in the bay area so hope u like it ya'll http://limelinx.com/files/3c94d310b78fa8c4bf021de3b871f894
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    Dj Jamz Vs Dj Chucki - Let The Jamz Kick (Remix)

    back again with another Electro remix but this time its the Electro hit Dj Chucki Let The Bass Kick...its a remix you would wanna have and I'm giving it out for free so please leave some comments :D
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    Dj Jamz - Electro Vs.Techno (PartyBreak)

    yo everybody dj jamz is back with another remix this time its Electro Vs.Techno with partybreak vocals. The Electro House Djs will love this and the ones who hate Electric music will love it to hopefully lol And Please this time leave some comments..i thought we were done with the leechers.
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    Dj Jamz Sick With It PartyBreak.....SICK SICK

    yo yo yo ive been away from this site for a while but came up with something new for this forum....Dj Jamz Sick With It PartyBreak..made everythin my self from the instrumental and the editin the vocals...hope ya'll like it an holla at me with the comments
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    Dj Jamz With an Old mix...Check it Out

    yo everybody jus found an old mix dat i did back in the days wen the song tipsy was famous lol...check it out an tell me what u think. http://limelinx.com/files/4df92126e90c7db0264eb58a0d1f46b5 Ps. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT
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    Dj Jamz Mix Live...Check it out

    was up people yea i recored this live mix at the club lastweek so yea i hope its good there maybe a lil mistakes but yea dats why i uploaded it to check if its good or not...anyways leave some feedbacks plz...and alot of thx too R.E.E.O remix group and others who i used their remixes on this mix...
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    Dj Jamz-Bobble (Hyphed Remix)

    yo everybody im back with another remix u guys might like but yea here its rockin the clubs anyways hope u like it an plzzzz leave a comment http://limelinx.com/files/c883510ae4ec42ee93f7385cd6b6e005
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    ¤©§§©¤ Dj Jamz Super Freaks Hip House Remix ¤©§§©¤

    Yo everybody im back with another mix..in this mix i blend Rick james acapella super freak with the electro hit The Freaks-The Creeps...hope ya'll like it ps. gimme any comments if its off beat or smth DL---->http://limelinx.com//media/b1732bfc496c4e7b890b8f2739bdfae2.aspx
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    ¤©§§©¤ Dj Jamz Cookie Jar Remix ¤©§§©¤

    yo everybody back with another remix ,this is cookie jar by gym class heroes hope ya'll like it and plz comment http://limelinx.com//media/2f5896475eb946c0b2fe8249c116629d.aspx
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    Dj Jamz Vs.Riskay-Smell Your Dick Remix

    yo yo yo Heres a remix i made hope u like it comments plz http://www.zshare.net/audio/187892671ae536e0/
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    need some help finding a reggaeton song

    yo was up everybody...anyways i was once clubbin at a new club so then this dj was playin reggaeton an then he played a song dat really hit me an i was really dancin 2 it jus wanna know the name it goes smth like (push it push dont stop smth smth...)dats the only part i remember anyways plz help...
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    Dj Jamz Vs.Shawty Putt-Dat Baby (Remix)...Somthing you dont wanna miss

    yo yo yo everybody Jus Made a new remix for the new song by shawty putt feat too short and lil jon....hope ya'll like it plz gimme some feedbacks Download Link...http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?oi7xtpjazgp
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    Dj Jamz Vs.Daddy Yankee-Pose Remix...Crazy HOT Remix

    hey everybody made a remix for all them djs out there from daddy yankee's new hit single Pose hope ya'll like it and for gods sake leave a freakin comment this is jus gonna be up for a few days sooo make it worth it...Peace Download Link:Removed...Check It On http://www.myspace.com/djjamz101
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    ¤©§§©¤ Dj Jamz ¤©§§©¤ Friendly remix Out here Grindin

    yo wats up everybody here i come again with a friendly remix for the new 2008 hit by Dj Khaled and akon sooo everybody enjoy an plz leave a comment an yea leechers u days r almost done here at tjs djs. DL---->http://www.zshare.net/audio/14596811a75c92c5/