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    It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a listen to our Auto Pilot. 17 Original tracks produced by Hoodz(me) or my brother Fav. We have 5 Artist, Rambo Harv, FredKane, Sauce, Izzy Ill and Young SwaGG. Going by the name Hoodies and Ratchets. *

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    @ dj smuv ! sorry bro... I haven't been on this site in a minute. on too many others !!!! I really use tjs 2 search for any extends other d j's might post... mostly HOUSE format...as far as new releases ( clean/radio edits ) get those from other sites. at this point, not sure if you will read this response. which ever way it goes down... "stay N da mix ! " peace
    i want to post some contributions on the site but i dont know how. I dont have 15 post and i dont know how to grow up
    hey, not really. i mainly use the search to find whatever i'm looking for. I'm starting to pay for record pools now, so I don't go on this site as much.
    Hey DJ Smuv,

    TJs has changed quite a bit. Im not on here as much as I used to be in the past. It seems that in the past two years TJs has died down. Records arent being broken here first as it used to back during the golden days. The "family" somewhat exists but conversation amongst everyone has also died down. I say keep in touch like you are now, and just hope that one day TJs will thrive again. As you can tell the site hasnt been updated in years (still has BOB as the upcoming artist), so that can show where the community is at right now. Hope all is well
    Whats good DJ Smuv? Thanks for the request. Let me know what you think of JoeKel music. If you need anything let me know. we need sooo much support. Trying to get a deal for JoeKel next year. Let me know whats up.

    No tips other then use it to om u see benefit u and network with those who u see stay in and on the board BUT also are spinning for the ppl...If u stay on the net too much u lose track of what the ppl at clubs etc want, not just hte djs...find me on facebook at
    TJs is not quite the same its very slow now or it just seems that most records that are being brought here have been taken from somewhere else. I used to really love this site around 04-07 maybe a mid 08 but it seems like support and actual feedback went out the window. Instead it was a lot of people supporting their own team and hating on others until the whole thing just crumbled. I guess some of that blame is on the industry too cause its not looking really good right now. Welcome back though.
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